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Sesame-Ginger Barbecued Chicken

Sesame-Ginger Barbecued Chicken This Asian-style barbecue sauce spiked with Oriental chili sauce is so good, you'll definitely want to warm up the extra and pass it at the table with the chicken. But watch closely -- or the bowl may be empty by the time it gets to you!


Serving Suggestion: Besides the extra sauce, serve this sweet-savory barbecued chicken with bottled sesame-vinaigrette-dressed slaw -- and Grilled Pineapple with Sugared Wontons.


Apple and Grilled Chicken Salad A sweet-savory mixture of apple jelly and horseradish mustard is brushed on grilled chicken. Tossing with mixed greens, chopped apples, and toasted walnuts adds the final twist to this grilled chicken salad.


Serving Suggestion: Warm corn muffins or corn bread is all that's needed to complete this main-dish salad meal.

West Indies Chicken with Grilled Fruit Who says exotic has to be hard? This innovative, island-inspired, sweet-and-savory dish of grilled tropical fruit and chicken glossed with a spicy, herb-infused marmalade glaze is as easy as can be.


Serving Suggestion: While the chicken and fruit are grilling, cook some rice or couscous for a side dish.

Grilled Vietnamese Chicken Breasts This is no ho-hum chicken sandwich. Spicy-sweet peanut sauce and crisp broccoli slaw lend an Asian accent to this out-of-the-ordinary grilled chicken.


Serving Suggestions: Fix up purchased mashed potatoes with your favorite fresh herb, and serve the turkey and potatoes with slices of honeydew melon.

Turkey Burgers with Fresh Curry Catsup America's favorite condiment goes haute cuisine! Plain old catsup gets a lift from fresh tomatoes, cilantro, and curry powder to dress up a burger flavored with ginger, garlic, and more curry. Lightly grilled pita bread fills in for a more ordinary bun.


Serving Suggestion: Serve these out-of-the-ordinary burgers with sweet-potato chips -- found in the aisle of most supermarkets.

Duck Breast with Lime Sauce A casual cookout can be elegant, too. Grilled duck breast served with a fruity sauce and a garnish of fresh red raspberries makes beautiful company fare with no fuss.


Serving Suggestion: Round out this elegant duck dinner with steamed asparagus and whole-wheat rolls with herbed butter.