Potatoes are a classic side dish. Anyway you cut, slice, mash, or smash them, potatoes recipes are must-haves on the menu all year-round. Serve them for any occasion. From weeknight meals and holiday buffets to elegant dinner parties and casual gatherings, you'll find a potato recipe that fills the bill. Try our delicious hash browns, twice-baked, au gratin, cheesy mashed, new potatoes, wedges, casseroles, patties, and scallops that are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You won't be able to pass up our delicious creamy soups or innovative potato salads that toss in all kinds of summer-fresh veggies like tomatoes, green beans, broccoli, corn, carrots, cauliflower, sweet peppers, squash, and spinach. We'll even show you how it's done with oodles of instruction, including mashing potatoes, cooking sweet potatoes, making hash browns and even sweet potato pie. And if it's convenience that you're after, we have make-ahead and slow cooker recipes that take some of the pressure off just when you need it most.

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Potato Salad Recipes

Potato salads are some of our most popular Better Homes and Gardens recipes! See why these are favorites.

Make-Ahead Side Dish Recipes

Want a potato side dish without the hands-on time? Whip up these mashed potatoes a day or two ahead.

Partyworthy Potato Recipes

Wow your guests with these party-perfect potato recipes. We've got easy and tasty recipes for every occasion!

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  • Perfect Red Potato Recipes

    We love red potatoes no matter how you cook them: roasted, in soups or potato salads, or smashed.

  • How to Cook Potatoes

    Learn all about the proper ways to cook potatoes with these helpful tips and hints.

  • Sweet Potato Recipes

    We elevate sweet potatoes to the next level with stuffed, skillet, mashed, glazed, and baked potato recipes.

  • How to Make Fried Potatoes

    Here are three ways to prepare classic fried potatoes, plus some quick add-in ideas to make them extra special.

  • Sweet Potato Recipes and How-To Tips

    We’ll show you how to incorporate sweet potatoes into your meals and provide recipes for a heart-healthy diet.

  • How to Pick Perfect Mashing Potatoes

    Serve the fluffiest mashed potatoes for your weeknight meals and holiday dinners with this selection guide.

  • Popular Potatoes

    Learn the ins and outs of the most popular varieties of potatoes, along with delicious recipes for any occasion.

  • Know Your Potatoes

    We’ll help you identify different potato types so you will always select the right one for your favorite recipes.

  • Sweet Potato

    Be prepared for holiday cooking with some basic sweet potato facts that include selecting and storing tips.

  • 10 Surprising Things to Do with Sweet Potatoes

    Get outside your spud comfort zone. This collection of special recipes featuring sweet potatoes goes way beyond pie...


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