Hearty Sausage Rigatoni Dinner

Make weeknight dinner fast and easy. Here's a main course recipe and three suggestions for rounding it out into a complete meal. Find out how to effortlessly dress up starters, sides, and desserts to fit the meal's main course.

The Menu

White Bean and Sausage Rigatoni

White Bean and Sausage Rigatoni makes a hearty winter meal. Add Beet and Cucumber Salad, Hazelnut-Black Pepper Biscuits, and Cherry-Almond Topped Pound Cake to turn it into a feast. Canned beets, store-bought pound cake, and cherry preserves make it super-quick.

White Bean and Sausage Rigatoni


Beet and Cucumber Salad

Toss drained sliced pickled beets with slices of cucumber. Top with a dollop of sour cream if desired.

Hazelnut-Black Pepper Biscuits

Prepare a batch of drop biscuits using all-purpose baking mix. Add a handful of chopped hazelnuts and a few grinds of pepper from the peppermill to dry ingredients when mixing. Bake as directed.

Cherry-Almond Topped Pound Cake

Toast slices of pound cake and top with cherry preserves and toasted almond slices.