How to Make Succotash

In his American Classics series, cooking guru Scott Peacock offers the inside scoop on making pure and simple succotash.

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    American Classics: Succotash

    The ideal succotash is as good on its own as it is an accompaniment. Try Scott Peacock's pure and simple version, which features sweet corn, tender butter beans, a hint of country ham, and a bit of butter and cream, then customize yours with tomatoes, squash, and herbs on hand.

    Click through the following slides for Scott's insider tips on working with the five key ingredients that make up his succotash recipe: corn, butter beans, country ham, butter, and cream.

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    Simmer and Strain

    "Simmering the butter beans in salted water until tender, but not mushy, is key," says Scott. "Once tender, strain to prevent overcooking. Cooking time will vary depending on maturity and freshness."

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    Polishing Act

    "The simplest, most fuss-free way to remove stubborn silks from freshly shucked corn is by gently brushing the corn with a clean terry cloth kitchen towel," says Scott.

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    Vertical Slice

    To successfully remove corn kernels from the cob, Scott advises holding the cob vertically, then slicing down to create nice long planks.

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    Cook in Butter

    "The butter should be just melted and foamy before adding corn," says Scott. "Watch that it doesn't become browned. Once the vegetables go in, stir well to evenly coat."

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    Ham for Flavor

    "A generous sprinkling of country ham adds a rich and savory flavor finish to succotash," says Scott. "As a substitute, you can mince any ham you have on hand."

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    Glaze with Cream

    "Think of cream as a simple glaze that pulls together the sweetness of the corn and earthiness of the beans," says Scott. "Let the cream reduce slightly until the vegetables are lightly glazed."

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