Pizza Appetizers

Pizza doesn't have to be a main dish. Treat your guests to a tasty surprise with these appetizers.
For Starters

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Pizza Quesadillas

Pizza Quesadillas For a light lunch, serve these cheese, pepperoni, and olive quesadillas with soup or a salad.


Vegetable Pizza Thanks to its no-measure ingredients, this appetizer pizza goes together fast.


Pizza Margherita This basil-scented pizza was invented and named for Italy's Queen Margherita who reigned in the 1800s.


Ratatouille Pizza Italian ratatouille (raa-taa-TOO-ee) contains just about every vegetable from your garden. Although usually served as a side dish, ratatouille makes a delicious sauce for this colorful appetizer.


Smoked Salmon and Chevre Pizza Smoked salmon, horseradish-flavored goat cheese mixture, and fresh dill top this appetizer pizza, that offers an elegant start to any special occasion.


Provencal Pizza A touch of American ingenuity -- frozen bread dough -- simplifies a country French version of this colorful tomato, sweet pepper, onion, and olive topped Italian pizza.


Fontina Cheese and Artichoke Pizza A blend of creamy fontina cheese, sweet red onion, and artichoke hearts top an Italian bread shell for this quick-to-fix elegant pizza appetizer.


Whole Wheat Pizza Tart After baking the pizza crust until it's light brown, you can cool it completely and let it stand, covered, at room temperature until you're ready to finish this cheese and veggie pizza.

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