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Cozy up to a bubbly baked pasta hot out of the oven. With easy weeknight recipes as well as global pasta bakes that bring the flavors of Italy, India, and beyond to your dinner table, we have a baked pasta for every occasion. So grab your fork and knife -- these delicious pasta bakes won't last long!


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    • Baked Ziti with Three Cheeses

      A classic midweek meal, baked ziti gains complex flavor from fire-roasted tomatoes, a white wine cream sauce, and a trio of gooey cheeses. Even better, the pasta bake can be prepared up to a month in advance.

    • Tortellini Emilia

      Filled with prosciutto and topped with a sprinkle of Gruyere cheese, this impressive baked tortellini casserole is named after Italy's Emilia-Romagna region. Don't have any prosciutto or pancetta on hand? Throw in leftover cubed ham.

    • Turkey Manicotti

      Use cooked turkey instead of ground beef for this delicious make-ahead manicotti. You'll save on fat plus feel satisfied thanks to its 30 grams of protein per serving.

    • Orzo, Pancetta, and Provolone Bake with Turkey Meatballs

      Stuffed with orzo, pancetta, roasted sweet peppers, and juicy turkey meatballs, this delicious pasta bake has it all. For a crunchy finish, top with bread crumbs and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.

    • Homemade Meatballs in Minutes!

      Learn how to make flavorful homemade Italian meatballs for your next baked pasta recipe. Watch as we show you how to form perfectly shaped meatballs plus storage secrets.

    • Mexican Rigatoni and Cheese

      Ay caramba! Black beans, chorizo sausage, and pobano chile pepper transform this rigatoni pasta recipe into a dinnertime fiesta. A topping of cilantro and pico de gallo finishes the delicious pasta bake.

    • Bolognese Lasagna with Porcini-Ricotta Filling

      Update your classic lasagna recipe with a mouthwatering porcini-ricotta filling. The cheesy mushroom mix melds with a trio of fresh veggies and spicy Italian sausage for an undeniable pasta dinner.

    • The Ultimate Chicken and Noodle Casserole

      Brace yourself: Chicken noodle casserole -- the tried and true recipe-box classic -- has gone modern. Buzzing with bright veggies, cooked chicken, and fun gemelli noodles, the pasta bake will quickly become a weeknight dinner staple.

    • Cheesy Pasta-Stuffed Shells

      Cheese-lovers, rejoice! Kids and adults alike will love this pasta-loaded twist on classic mac 'n' cheese. The dish features not one but three cheeses, all swirled into a rich and creamy vodka sauce.

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      Asparagus-Tuna Casserole

      Give tuna casserole a spring update with the help of fresh asparagus, Kalamata olives, and tiny new potatoes. A hint of lemon peel adds light, citrusy flavor to the baked penne pasta.

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      Chicken Florentine Artichoke Bake

      Chicken pasta bakes are an instant hit at potlucks and picnics, and this recipe incorporates crowd favorites like farfalle, artichoke hearts, and a crisp bread crumb topping. To make prep a breeze, use precooked or rotisserie chicken.

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      Ham and Spinach Two-Cheese Pasta

      These miniature pasta bakes are the perfect meal for two. Smothered in a rich cheese sauce, spinach and ham blend with whole grain pasta, which adds fiber to the easy pasta dish that's ready in just 40 minutes.

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      Creamy Macaroni and Cheese

      Our baked pasta menu wouldn't be complete without creamy, classic macaroni and cheese. Evaporated milk and condensed cheddar cheese soup combine for a quick and easy sauce that blankets the elbow macaroni.

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      Weeknight Ravioli Lasagna with Chianti Sauce

      Give your weeknight lasagna recipe a touch of gourmet flavor with a full-bodied Chianti sauce. Cheese ravioli stands in for lasagna noodles, and fresh cremini mushrooms and roasted red peppers add even more sophisticated flavor.

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      Baked Sausage and Mushroom Rotini

      Whole grain rotini adds heart-healthy fiber to this simple baked pasta recipe while turkey sausage keeps it low in fat. But don't let its health benefits distract you: The pasta bake is packed with cheesy goodness and rich Italian flavors.

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      Tortellini and Garden Vegetable Bake

      Filled with bright garden veggies, this fresh and flavorful tortellini bake is a spring staple. A cream cheese sauce coats the pasta bake, which is a healthy choice for both potlucks and weeknight dinner.

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      Mile-High Meatless Lasagna Pie

      Serve this grandiose stacked pasta bake at your next dinner party for a seriously impressive main dish. The vegetarian lasagna is loaded with so many fresh veggies and rich ricotta cheese, you'll hardly miss the meat.

    • Homemade Ricotta Will Change Your Cooking: It's Easier Than You Think!
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      Homemade Ricotta: It's Easier Than You Think!

      Fill your next pasta bake with rich and creamy homemade ricotta. Making the cheese is a cinch thanks to our easy techniques and tips.

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      Chicken Enchilada Pasta

      Chicken enchiladas and pasta? It doesn't get much better than this mouthwatering combination. A mix of chicken, peppers, onion, jalepeno, and refried beans stuffs jumbo shells, which are then topped with shredded cheese and baked to perfection.

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      Hamburger Cheese Bake

      Ditch the bun and bake up this potluck-ready hamburger casserole. Complete with a dreamy blend of cream cheese, sour cream, and cottage cheese, you won't believe the baked pasta is only 311 calories per serving.

      Baked Pasta Tip: For an even easier weeknight dinner, prepare the meal 24 hours in advance and bake when ready to serve.

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      Indian-Spiced Chicken Casserole

      Transport your taste buds abroad with this Indian-inspired chicken pasta bake. Garam masala and a ginger-garlic paste add authentic flavor to a bed of vermicelli pasta, cooked chicken strips, and spinach.

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      Inside-Out Spaghetti Pie

      Who says you can't play with your food? The entire family will love this fun take on classic spaghetti in which traditional Italian meatballs serve as a crust to a yummy pasta and tomato sauce filling.

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      Crab and Spinach Pasta with Fontina

      If you can boil water, you can prepare this simple seafood pasta bake. Tomato sauce, Fontina cheese, frozen spinach, farfalle, and canned crabmeat are all it takes to pull together the palate-pleasing weeknight meal.

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      Creamy Chicken-Broccoli Bake

      Curb your next comfort food craving with this luscious chicken pasta bake. Condensed broccoli soup and sour cream make the casserole extra creamy, while broccoli, sweet peppers, and mushrooms help keep the dish under 400 calories per serving.

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      Baked Cavatelli

      Simple yet scrumptious ingredients including baby spinach, mozzarella cheese, and fire-roasted tomatoes make this baked pasta recipe irresistible. Add Italian-flavor chicken sausage to the baked pasta for an added burst of flavor.

      Baked Pasta Tip: To take the heat down a notch, reduce the crushed red pepper or use regular canned diced tomatoes.

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      Mexican Mac and Cheese

      Just five ingredients, including green salsa, sausage, and browned onions, turn gooey-good mac 'n' cheese into a Mexican affair. Bring extra color and flavor to the dish with a topping of chopped tomatoes and jalapenos.

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