We offer a plethora of pasta ideas, from quick dinners and tasty salads to vegetarian dishes and slow cooker lasagna. Whatever your needs -- potlucks, showers, birthday parties, picnics, tailgates, holiday dinners, or weeknight meals -- we have a pasta recipe that's perfect for you and your family. Our recipes shine with all types of flavorful ingredients, such as lemon, basil, sweet potatoes, shrimp, broccoli, apples, sausage, tomatoes, and chicken. We'll inspire you with skillets, lasagna, spaghetti, tortellini, noodle bowls, manicotti, ravioli, fettuccine, and our favorite ideas for macaroni and cheese. If it's a side dish you're after, we'll show you how to make a fresh, summery salad and provide all kinds of inviting recipes. We'll even show you how to make your own homemade noodles and the ins and outs of using a pasta machine. And what's pasta without a rich and hearty sauce to make it truly unforgettable? We have helpful how-tos for making Alfredo and a tantalizing pan sauce for spaghetti. Turn to the cooking pros at Better Homes and Gardens for all your pasta needs.

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Top Pasta Recipes
Seafood Pasta Recipes

Just pick your favorite type of seafood, pasta, and a tasty sauce -- dinner's ready!

Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

With pasta as your base, you can enjoy a vegetarian dinner featuring just veggies and sauce.

Spaghetti Recipes

We've got easy spaghetti recipes perfect for quick weeknight meals. All you need is a few simple ingredients!

Pasta Cooking School
How to Make Homemade Pasta

Follow our six steps to delicious homemade pasta.

What Substitutes to Use for Pasta

Learn alternatives you can use in place of pasta.

How to Make Your Own Ravioli

Learn how to make ravioli with our never-fail method.

Warm and Hearty Pasta Recipes
Lasagna Recipes

You won't be able to resist seconds of our warm and cheesy lasagna recipes.

Baked Pasta Dishes

Serve up a bubbly baked pasta recipe for your next dinner that the whole family will love.

Italian Pasta Recipes
Macaroni and Cheese Recipes

We love macaroni and cheese! So we collected our favorite recipes here just for you.

Easy Stuffed-Pasta Dishes

Whether you're a fan of tortellini, ravioli, or manicotti, you'll love our cheesy pasta recipes.

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  • Seafood Pasta

    Tuna, shrimp, salmon -- our pasta recipes with seafood are delicious and perfect for any dinner.

  • Lasagna Recipes

    If you love a warm, meaty lasagna or a delicious vegetarian take, enjoy our collection of tasty lasagnas.

  • Pasta Salad: 20 Recipes to Try

    A good pasta salad can be the buzz at any cookout or get-together. Try these variations of the classic pasta dish.

  • We Love Pesto Pasta

    Admit it. You love pesto. So do we! Try one of our to-die-for pesto pasta recipes.

  • Baked Pasta Recipes

    What's better than a bubbly baked pasta recipe straight from the oven? It's the perfect dinner recipe.

  • 14 Delicious Lemon Pasta Recipes

    If your pasta recipe needs a flavor boost, try one of our delicious lemon pasta recipes. Yum!

  • Vegetarian Pasta: 15 Meat-Free Italian Dishes

    Just because you're eating meat-free doesn't mean you need to eat flavor-free! Try our vegetarian pasta recipes.

  • Macaroni and Cheese Recipes

    Mmmm cheesy! Dig in to one of our ooey-gooey macaroni and cheese recipes. You know you want to!

  • 20 Delicious Italian Pasta Recipes

    Make one of these easy Italian pasta recipes for your next weeknight dinner or special occasion.

  • Stuffed Pasta Dishes

    If you love ravioli, tortellini, or manicotti, you won't be able to get enough of our stuffed pasta dishes!

  • Pasta Substitutes

    Learn all about what you can substitute for pasta in your delicious Italian recipes.

  • How to Make Homemade Ravioli

    Learn how to make delicious ravioli on your own. Our method takes just seven steps!

  • How to Make Homemade Noodles

    Learn how to make homemade noodles for your pasta dishes. It's easier than you think!

  • Stuffed Pasta Dishes

    Sink your teeth into these easy-to-make stuffed-pasta recipes for manicotti, ravioli, tortellini, and shells.

  • 15+ Incredibly Easy Pasta Recipes

    Pasta recipes are a family lunch and dinner favorite, from linguine and fettuccine to rigatoni and tortellini.

  • Sensational Spaghetti Recipes

    Whether you like your spaghetti spicy with shrimp or tossed in a Bolognese sauce, we have a recipe for all tastes.

  • 10 Surprising Things to Do with Pasta

    Surprise! Here are 10 fresh twists on dinner that start with a box of pasta.

  • How to Make Cavatelli Pasta

    Learn from the experts how to make the best-ever cavatelli pasta shells.

  • How to Make Spaghetti

    A hearty plateful of spaghetti and your favorite sauce starts at one place -- the pasta!

  • Pasta Machines

    When you crave a delicious pasta recipe for dinner, let your machine do all the work with our hints and tips.

  • Pasta Math

    Put your math to the test with our quick tips for measuring dried pasta for your favorite recipes.

  • Flat Pasta Sheets

    Don't shop for the packaged variety when you can surprise family and friends with fresh homemade pasta.

  • Storing and Freezing Pasta

    You'll always serve the freshest pasta when you follow our handy storing and freezing guide.


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