A Simple & Elegant Spring Buffet

Encourage guests to mingle at your next get-together by setting up an inviting spread. Here are 16 inspiring recipe ideas sure to delight your guests.

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Cherry-Stuffed Ham
Cherry-Stuffed Ham

    Ham filled (and topped) with tart cherries adds a twist to this classic spring favorite. For a quick and easy holiday touch, add a topping of peach preserves and bake for 10 additional minutes before serving.

Deviled Egg Salad

    Easy-to-make deviled eggs top a mixture of lettuce, peppers, bacon, and onion. A splash of dill vinaigrette adds fresh flavor.

Spring Waldorf Salad

    In this new spin on classic Waldorf salad, apples are tossed with Boston lettuce, endive, and a savory-sweet lemon dressing.

Ham and Cheese Quiches

    Made with a blend of Italian cheeses, sweet red pepper, and smoked ham, these flavorful quiches are just right for any time of day. Pick up a package of premade pie crusts to save time.

Minty Roasted Lamb Chops

    For an easy yet elegant company-worthy dish, coat lamb chops with a mixture of olive oil and fresh mint leaves. In place of mashed potatoes, serve peas pureed with tarragon.

Sharp and Sweet Green Salad

    A tart lime-pepper dressing makes this fresh-from-the-garden salad of crisp lettuce, juicy kiwi, crunchy cucumbers, peppery watercress, and baby bok choy a side dish to remember.

Hearty Garlic and Snap Pea Soup

    Fresh fennel, snap peas, potatoes, and garlic make a hearty soup that's good for you too. Stir in fat-free plain yogurt for extra creaminess.

Pistachio-Chive Crisps

    Fresh-snipped chives add a kick to pistachio-laden crackers; serve them with tart green apple slices and pungent Dijon mustard with capers and herbs.

Chicken-Chervil Saute

    It takes just five minutes to whip up these homemade, gnocchi-like pasta balls in your food processor. Add them to chicken and mushrooms cooked in a flavorful broth accented with chervil for a dish that's sure to dazzle.

Baked Mediterranean Cod and Asparagus

    Combine this lean whitefish with tender asparagus spears, and top with a tangy chopped green olive and caper relish for a main course that's sure to impress.

Orzo Risotto with Roasted Veggies

    To make this colorful side, toss roasted squash, mushrooms, and onions with whole-grain orzo. Crushed walnuts and feta cheese make a pretty (and tasty) topper.

Pasta Salad with Orange Dressing

    Whole-grain pasta lends its nutty taste and al-dente texture to this fresh spring salad. Orange peel adds delightful zip.

Garlic-Roasted Asparagus

    Fresh asparagus spears are irresistible when tossed with garlic and cooked until crisp-tender.

Lemony Sugar Snap Peas

    This fresh side is perfect for spring when sugar snap peas are in season -- the tart lemon flavor brings out the sweetness of the peas.

Apricot-Sage Cookies

    Sweet apricot spread makes a serendipitous filling for these crisp cookie sandwiches flavored with sage.

Buttery Yellow Citrus Cake

    Tart lemon, lime, and orange put a fresh spin on moist yellow cake -- and creates a light and elegant dessert worthy of a special occasion.

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