Colorful Contemporary Table Setting

Casual, bright, and breezy, an eye-popping orange and hot pink color scheme dominates this contemporary outdoor dining stage.


contemporary style party dining table

Go for pops of color with this idea for a contemporary table setting. Our orange and hot pink theme would be perfect for a summer party or birthday gathering.

Begin with brightly colored dishes as the cue for your color scheme. Search a party store for colorful paper lanterns to hang overhead and patterned wrapping papers to use when making the butterfly fans or wrapping gifts. Next, go with a mix of flowers set into clear vases for a super-easy centerpiece.

Colorful Dining

pink and orange place setting

Place orange and hot pink dinnerware on a bare glass tabletop or on a white tablecloth. Slip a floral fabric napkin between each plate. Top with clear glassware sporting an orange swirl.

Flowers and Light

pink and orange flower and candle table arrangement

Set a few fresh gerbera daisies into small glass vases. For an additional pop of color, dye the water in each vase with coloring made for use with flowers. For tabletop twinkles around your flowers, place thin tapers into tiny glass candleholders.

Table Decorations

Butterfly fan place card party favor

Hang paper lanterns from a tree branch or overhead patio structure for a festive daytime air and a radiant evening glow.

Make paper butterflies that guests can also use as fans. With spray adhesive, affix wrapping paper to a sheet of card stock. Draw a butterfly shape (trace from a picture or clip art) onto the card stock and cut it out. Score down the center of the butterfly. Paint a stir stick in orange or pink and let dry. With a hot-glue gun, attach the scored center of the butterfly to the stick.