Cleaning Tips for a Party-Ready House: Easy 7-Day Plan

Impress your party guests with a home that sparkles and shines. Manage the housecleaning tasks with the same ease you organize the rest of your party planning. The cleaning tips and ideas in our seven-day plan guide you through deep cleaning for your party with low-stress, easy-to-achieve tasks. Our free checklist helps you track your progress and finish in plenty of time for the party.
Get Organized for Your Party
Get Organized for Your Party

When you're making your party to-do list, add "Clean the house" near the top, but don't think of it as a chore. Organize the tasks into easily achievable components. With a little planning, cleaning the house for a party is so simple, you'll be tempted to use these hints for your regular cleaning routine.

Divide the work into tasks that can be completed in small chunks of time throughout the week preceding the party to reduce the stress of party preparations. Give each day a cleaning theme, and finish that day's tasks in an hour or less. You can slip in many of the tasks among other daily activities. Start here:

  • Day 1: Strategize
  • Day 2: Brighten the Windows and Entry
  • Day 3: Clean the Bathrooms
  • Day 4: Clear Guest Areas
  • Day 5: Attack the Kitchen
  • Day 6: Polish the Party Spaces
  • Day 7: Do Touch-Ups

Preparation is the key to no-stress party planning. Get our 7-Day "One Day at a Time" Housecleaning Plan, available below, to make sure you'll enjoy your party instead fret over smudges and clutter as your party guests arrive. We walk through each day on the following pages.

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