Special Treats

Rousing recipes for birthdays or any-day celebrations.

Celebrate big and small successes with a special treat. Choose from pie, brownie pizza, ice cream, cookies, or cake. What a way to mark your child's first day of school, that A in geometry, or a birthday! Is it your turn to make the treats? Don't worry, help is at hand. These treats are easy to make, they travel well, and kids love them.

Because most treats arrive at their destination in your child's hands, pack them so they'll hold up under some jostling. Start with a tightly covered container and gently pack some crumpled waxed paper on top to keep them from bouncing.

Easy Peanut Butter Bars, Candy-Bar
Bars, and Chewy Granola Goodies.

Easy Peanut Butter Bars Peanut-butter-flavored pieces combine with peanuts for a special topping. This sturdy, frosting-free bar cookie travels well.


Candy-Bar Bars Cake mix shortcuts the measuring for this candy-bar-topped bar cookie.


Chewy Granola Goodies "Terribly delicious" is how one kid taster rated this no-bake cereal-and-marshmallow cookie.


One-Bear Salute Bake refrigerated cookie dough in a bear shape and decorate with pudding and yogurt.


Three-Cheers Parfaits Three cheers for this quick yogurt and canned pudding dessert.


A Week of Sundaes There are so many flavors of ice cream, preserves, and toppings, you could have a different sundae every day of the week.


Pint-Size Peanut Butter Pie Stir together cream cheese and peanut butter and fold in whipped topping for a quick and easy pie.


Fudgy Brownie Cupcakes These rich cupcakes use not one but two kinds of chocolate. Your family chocoholics will be proud to tote them to their next function.


So-Simple Treats Put together this candy and nut snack in minutes.


Dutch Apple Bars Either regular or chunk-style applesauce does the trick for this cakey cookie.