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    • Cheese Crisps with Creme Fraiche and Caviar

      These tiny lacy cups are simply melted cheese. Not just any cheese, though. The success of these distinctive nibbles comes in using real Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

    • Cheese and Herb Mini Sweet Peppers

      These can be readied and ready when you are! Prepare these up to two days ahead and then just bake them 8-10 minutes before serving. Placing the pepper halves close together or baking on beans will help keep them from tipping.

    • Spanish Potato Omelet Bites

      For neat little squares, use a thin metal spatula to remove the first few omelet pieces from the baking pan. Then you can switch to a wider metal spatula and remove several squares at once.

    • Oysters with Tomato-Fennel Relish

      The French traditionally enjoy their oysters raw; however, because raw oysters raise food safety concerns, we decided to come up with a French-inspired way to cook them.

    • Artichoke-Stuffed New Potatoes

      Two much-loved classic appetizers -- hot artichoke dip and stuffed potato skins -- come together in one great nibble. New potatoes and a sprightly gremolata update this dynamic duo.

    • Crab and Vegetable Roll-Ups

      This sort-of sushi without the rice and seaweed uses zucchini ribbons to wrap up a crab-filled package of flavor. Creating an assembly line with the ingredients lets you wrap and roll with ease.

    • Crab Cakes

      Instead of making eight large crab cakes, you can make about 30 miniature ones. Cook them about half the time until warmed through to at least 160 degrees.

    • Fig and Prosciutto Pate

      As soon as dried figs start appearing in the produce aisle around the holidays, snatch some up for this luscious spread. Pair with fresh pears for a doubly seasonal treat.

    • Marinated Feta

      If you want to splurge, make these extra special by using lump crab meat. For your next appetizer platter, marinate cubes of feta cheese in herbs, olive oil, and lemon juice.

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      Mini Manicotti

      We have resized this manicotti recipe, a familiar favorite, making it suitable for an appetizer or snack.

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      Salmon Croustades

      Add a little New Year's confetti to these appetizers by dusting them with cracked tricolor peppercorns, rather than everyday black pepper.

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      Feta Custard in Phyllo Cups

      If you make your own shells, make them to your specifications. Use butter if you're pulling out the stops and want topnotch flavor. Or for ease and reduced calories, use cooking spray.

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      Fiesta Shrimp Cocktail

      Make this appetizer 2 to 4 hours ahead, then add the avocado just before serving it to eight lucky guests.

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      Smoked Salmon Appetizers

      No smoked salmon on hand? Substitute drained canned tuna.

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