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Easy Charcuterie Ideas

Charcuterie is just a fancy name for cooked cold meats. Add charcuterie to cheese plates, antipasto platters, or even as a savory addition to a relish tray. Use these ideas for inspiration to make your own appetizer platter.


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    • Charcuterie Tray

      A chic charcuterie platter will always have some variety of pâté. Try this cranberry- and pistachio-studded version served with stone-ground mustard.
      Serve with:

      Stone-ground mustard

      Baguette slices


      Apple or pear slices

    • Classic Charcuterie

      A dash of wine lends delicate background flavor to this rich, best-loved pâté. The soft consistency makes it perfect for schmearing on crackers.

      Serve with:


      Pickled onions



    • Fresh Veggie and Antipasto Platter

      Give typical antipasto a fresh twist by adding blanched vegetables. Fresh veggies bring a light contrast to heavier meats and cheeses. Serve with a homemade chutney to use up produce in your kitchen.

      Serve with:

      Desired blanched vegetables   



      Tuna with capers

      Mini sweet peppers

      Fresh mozzarella

    • Choose Perfect Tomatoes

      See how to choose perfect tomates to make delicious homemade salsas and chutneys -- perfect for a charcuterie tray.

    • Savory Party Platter

      Give your appetizer tray a signature touch with homemade dips, spreads, or pâté rounded out with a few purchased ingredients so there's plenty to nibble on.

      Serve with:

      Crackers or flatbread

      Sour gherkins

      Cured meats

      Dijon-style mustard


      Baguette slices

    • Antipasto Tray

      Create a beautiful antipasto platter without ever turning on the stove. Each of these ingredient ideas can be purchased at your local supermarket if you don't have time to cook. But if you want to showcase your DIY skills, try our recipe for roasted peppers.

      Serve with:

      Desired cured meats

      Bold cheese


      Pickled veggies


      Roasted peppers

      Bread slices

    • Create a Relish Tray

      Relish trays should showcase flavors of the season. Load yours with a combination of fresh, in-season veggies as well as traditional pickled ingredients for a variety of flavors. Add a favorite cooked vegetable too, if the mood strikes.

      Serve with:

      Variety of olives

      Celery sticks

      Small carrots


      Brussels sprouts

      Pickled vegetable mixture

      Pepperoncini peppers

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