Millennium Bash

Some crafty ways to decorate for the party.
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Call the neighbors. Invite friends and family. You are planning one great New Years' Eve party to welcome a new era.

Even if you get started December 31, you can throw together a spectacular celebration with these ideas for decorations and favors. And read along for fun tidbits and trivia about the once-a-lifetime fete.

Provide each guest a millennium party survival kit at the start of the party. Buy plain metal cookie tins (available at crafts stores), colored tissue paper, and wide ribbon for tying an easy-to-remove bow. Nestle into each tin a disposable camera for taking candid party shots throughout the evening, confetti and noisemakers for the big moment, a few stomach settling pills for the morning after, and sweet treats to munch the following week while remembering the wonderful party.

For more New Years' Eve party project ideas, check out the January issue of Better Homes and Gardens? magazine on newsstands now, as well as the 1999 issue of Holiday Celebrations, a Better Homes and Gardens? Special Interest Publication (to order Holiday Celebrations, call 800/867-8628).

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