Menu 6

Plan a summer gathering with this menu, which features easy recipes.

Lime-Marinated Swordfish

Lime-Marinated Swordfish Combine the marinade ingredients ahead of time, but marinate the fish for only 1 hour before grilling. The lime juice will infuse the fish with citrus flavor without softening its texture. Serve this fish with Southwestern Pesto.


Dilly Crab Dip For a presentation that wows, serve the dip in an artichoke half. Be sure to brush the cut artichoke with lemon juice so it keeps its summer green color.


Southwestern Pesto This make-ahead pesto accents any grilled fish or poultry entree. If Mexican grating cheese is not available, substitute fresh Parmesan cheese.


Confetti Summer Salad Our taste panel pegged this salad as crisp, colorful, and versatile, too. Add a can of rinsed and drained black beans for a main-dish version, if you wish.


Lemon Cream with Raspberry and Passion Fruit Sauces When passion fruits are ripe, they're downright homely. Their purple, pink, or yellow skins (depending on the variety) will wrinkle and shrivel, making the fruit look ready for the compost heap. But the meat inside will be gloriously sweet and aromatic.


Patio Coolers Dark rum gives this tropical sipper a golden hue. For festive swizzle sticks, thread assorted fresh fruits onto short wooden skewers.


Siesta Rolls Two kinds of peppers -- sweet red peppers and spicy poblano chiles -- combine for just the right "warmth" in the filling, but you may adjust the ratio to your own taste. For another twist, try vegetable-flavor tortillas in place of the plain variety.


Chipotle Grilled Potatoes For potatoes that look fresh off the grill, lay the wedges perpendicular to the cooking grate. That way, they'll take on the succulent, golden stripes so characteristic of casual grilled fare. You'll also lose fewer potatoes to the coals.