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Florida, spiny, or rock lobster is a different species from American lobster, with no claws.

Common forms: Whole, live; cooked meat; frozen tails (usually of rock lobster).

General description: Familiar crustacean of the northeastern United States.


Lobster Tails with Chive Butter Is there anything lovelier than a lobster tail cradled in its coral-colored shell and served with melted butter? Here's proof-positive that the best things in life really are the simplest.


Lobster with Curried Dressing Serve this elegant entree for a light supper.


Calorie-Reduced Lobster Newburg Impress dinner guests with this easy-to-fix classic. Everyone will love the flavor that goes along with the reduced calories and fat.


Puff Pastry Shells with Brie and Lobster Cream This divinely rich and creamy sauce makes this an opulent dish for a party or to serve as the first course at a dinner for special guests. It can be prepared in minutes.


Pork and Lobster Egg Rolls Florentine Fill egg rolls with pork, lobster, and vegetables and fry in a wok, saucepan, skillet, or deep-fat fryer.


Boiled Lobster Although considered a delicacy by some lobster lovers, food safety experts suggest you pass on the green tomalley, or liver, of the lobster.


Lobster and Asparagus Alfredo One fresh or frozen lobster tail weighing 10 to 12 ounces yields just the right amount of cooked meat for this richly-sauced pasta dish.


Linguine with Lobster Sauce Also called Fra Diavolo, which in Italian means brother devil, because of the peppery sauce. This hearty pasta dish is often served on Christmas Eve.


Rock Lobster Tails To perk up your lobster picnic, accompany these succulent lobster tails with a lightly dressed coleslaw and serve the lobster with the dilled dipping sauce.