Try our best lamb recipes for classic favorites, such as lamb chops and leg of lamb. We'll also show you how to prepare ground lamb. Lamb is often reserved for special occasions, but there are plenty of opportunities to cook with lamb for everyday dinners, too. Making simple stews, kabobs, and lamb meatballs are easy ways to use lamb. Wonderfully seasoned lamb chops are another dish that can be whipped up for a quick weeknight dinner. For a more showstopping dish, try rack of lamb. Don't be intimidated—our how-to guide makes easy work of this special dish. If you haven't cooked much with lamb because you're unsure about the cuts, review our cooking chart with times and temperatures for lamb, as well as other types of meat. You'll also want to use our guide for safe cooking with meat, including lamb, and how to handle it in the kitchen.

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Great Lamb Recipes and Tips
How to Roast Lamb

Print our helpful cooking chart for various cuts of lamb, as well as other meat.

Spiced Lamb Chops

Orange peel, cinnamon, and cumin combine to make a flavorful lamb rub.

Frenching a Rack of Lamb

Frenching a rack of lamb makes for a beautiful presentation.

Everything in Lamb Recipes
Lamb Recipes and Tips


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