Keeping Ginger Fresh

If you plan on using ginger only occasionally, these storage hints will be helpful.
Chinese cooks use gingerroot almost
every day.

  • For short-term storage, wrap the root in a paper towel and refrigerate it for up to three weeks.
  • For storage up to three months, immerse peeled slices of gingerroot in dry sherry or cooking oil and refrigerate them.
  • For storage up to one year, wrap the gingerroot in moisture-and vapor-proof wrap and freeze. Grate or cut off amounts of the frozen gingerroot as needed. Quickly dip each rice paper into water and then place it between two clean damp cotton dish towels. Leave the rice papers between the damp towels until you use them. The moisture makes the crisp rice paper soft and flexible. Roll up the rice paper just until the filling is enclosed. Then place two shrimp halves, cut side up and back to back, on the rice paper next to the filling. Fold the sides over the filling and shrimp and continue rolling, forming a packet. Only one layer of rice paper cover the shrimp, allowing you to see their outline through the wrapper.