It's Your Party

Recipes and tips for a great get-together.
Management Tips

For a seamless performance as a dinner party host, invoke the cardinal rules of goodmanagement -- plan ahead, make ahead, simplify, and delegate -- not necessarily in thatorder.

Then party on! This dinner isdesigned for a foursome; to serve eight, just double the Cornish hen and brandy saucerecipes. (Recipes with a * are included here.)

  • Stuffed Cornish Hens* with Apple-Brandy Sauce*
  • Baby Greens Salad with Creamy Pesto Salad Dressing*
  • Whole Wheat Rolls (purchased)
  • Orange-Chocolate Cake*

Management Tips

Up to four months before: Bake, cool, freeze, and wrap cake. Prepare rolls, if they are to be homemade. Wrap and freeze. Store cake and rolls in freezer for up to four months.

Up to a week before: Prepare Creamy Pesto Salad Dressing; cover and chill.

Day before: Purchase groceries; arrange centerpiece. Prepare Apple-Brandy Sauce except for the optional brandy; cover and chill. Rinse salad greens, pat dry with paper towels, store in closed plastic bags in fridge.

Day of dinner, several hours before guest time: Thaw and frost cake. Thaw rolls, if frozen.

Two hours before serving time: Prepare Cornish hens and stuffing. Start roasting.

Just before serving: Warm rolls, toss salad with dressing, arrange hens and stuffing on plates.

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