International Pancakes

Enjoy the world's best pancake recipes.
(German Apple Pancake)

Apfelpfannkuchen This baked puffy German pancake is filled with a cinnamon-brown sugar-apple mixture.


Palatchinken These quick, easy pancakes are filled with an apricot-walnut mixture and rolled up jelly-roll style.


Plattar When baked properly, these Swedish pancakes should turn out looking as pretty as little lace doilies.


Sweet Hungarian Palacsinta Handle these thin cinnamon-walnut-flavored dessert pancakes carefully -- they are quite delicate.


Danish Aebleskiver Aebleskiver are cooked in a special 7-cup pan found in gourmet cookware shops. When cooking these round pancakes, keep in mind that practice makes perfect.


Kaiserschmarrn Serve this sweet pancake, inspired by Austrian-Hungarian Emperor Franz Josef I, dusted with lots of powdered sugar.