Hors D'oeuvres

Delicious party-food ideas for when you can't spend all day in the kitchen.
Time Limits

10 minutes

Shrimp skewers Toss cooked shrimp and cucumber slices in a dash of soy sauce (try the white version), rice vinegar, and a drop or two of sesame oil. Thread cucumber slice, pickled ginger, and shrimp onto skewer.

12 minutes

Skewered polenta Cube packaged polenta. Pan-grill polenta with olive oil and fresh or dried rosemary or sage for a few minutes until browned. Fold Italian salami and thread onto skewers with polenta.

Cheese-stuffed apricots Blend equal parts blue cheese and butter until smooth. Pipe or spoon into small dried apricots. Top with chopped nuts or a pecan half.

Quick mixed platter Arrange marinated fresh mozzarella, pickled asparagus wrapped in salami, and lupine beans (drained).

15 Minutes

Artichoke, mushroom, and pepper kabobs Steam or sauté bite-size mushrooms (or cut larger ones into halves or quarters) and marinate with artichoke quarters or halves and roasted peppers in good, nonsweet vinaigrette. Thread onto skewers and serve on a bed of olives with more skewers, picks, or small forks alongside. When serving olives, be sure to provide small dishes for pits.

20 minutes

Crab-stuffed veggies Combine crab with mayonnaise and sour cream, fresh tarragon, salt, and pepper to taste. Trim and hollow out vegetables. Fill with crab salad ad garnish with fresh tarragon.

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