Making Crumbs

If you don't want to buy bread crumbs, or can't find them at the store, you can easily make your own.

While some prepared crumbs, such as those made from graham crackers, chocolate wafers, and dry bread, are available at the supermarket, others are not. All are easy to make at home.

  • Dry bread, cookie, and cracker crumbs can be made by processing them to a fine consistency in a blender or food processor. Or place the ingredient in a heavy plastic bag and crush it to a fine consistency with a rolling pin. Leave one end of the bag open a bit so air can escape during rolling.
  • To make one cup of cracker or cookie crumbs, you'll need 28 saltine crackers, 14 graham cracker squares, 22 vanilla wafers, 19 chocolate wafers, 15 gingersnaps, or 24 rich, round crackers.