Featured Corn Recipes

Corn Cakes with Fresh Corn and Chives

Zucchini, Corn, and Potato Tacos Even picky eaters will go for tofu when it's accompanied by so many flavorful ingredients.


Corn Cakes with Fresh Corn and Chives Everything old is new again! That most traditional of American foods, the corn cake, has been updated with fresh corn and just-snipped herbs.


Corn and Tomato Bread Pudding The proof of a delicious dinner is in this pudding, a classic baked custard dessert reinvented as a savory main course. Cut cubes from only firm, day-old (or older) bread, as fresh bread is too soft to soak up all the milk and eggs and hold its shape.


Grilled Corn on the Cob Add grilled corn to your list of summer vacation traditions. Everyone will gladly help husk, soak, and grill the corn in anticipation of its sweet, smoky flavor.


Southwestern Grilled Corn Remember to turn the foil-wrapped ears of corn as they grill to get corn that's evenly cooked.

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