Great Gadgets

Here are five fabulous ways those tools can make holiday foods stand out.
Two Tools in One


Zester Use your creativity to add details
to any fruit or vegetable

A zester/scorer is handy for scoring and finely shredding fruits and vegetables. Use the zester part of the tool, the end with the sharp edge and small holes, to remove tiny strips of zest from citrus fruits. Use the scorer, the sharp rounded point located in the center of the tool, to create long, narrow strips of citrus peel.

You also can use a scorer to create playful patterns down the sides of cucumbers and zucchini before slicing them to serve with a dip or in a salad. A zester can be used to make an attractive carrot garnish for salads and soups: Simply peel a large carrot, then use the zester to create long strands.

Lively Lemon Sorbet

Lemon Sorbet Prepare the sorbet and citrus
holders ahead of time and store
in the freezer until serving time.

Using a zester/scorer, score around a lemon, removing a long, narrow strip of peel; discard strip. Cut lemon in half, and remove the pulp with a melon baller; discard pulp. Place the hollowed-out citrus bowls in festive glasses, and add scoops of lemon sorbet. Garnish with mint leaves.

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