Freezing Equipment

Before you freeze your canned creations, make sure you have the right equipment.
Avoid freezer burn by using
equipment sturdy enough to
withstand low temperatures.

An accurate freezer thermometer will help you regulate your freezer temperature at 0 degrees F or below. Higher temperatures will cause food to deteriorate faster. When freezing vegetables and fruits you will need a colander plus a large pot, kettle, or saucepan with a wire basket.

A variety of freezer containers and materials are available. Whatever you choose should be moistureproof and vaporproof, able to withstand temperatures of 0 degrees below F, and capable of being tightly sealed. For liquid or semiliquid foods, use rigid plastic freezer containers, freezer bags, or wide-top jars specifically designed for freezing. Regular jars are seldom tempered to withstand freezer temperatures. For solid or dry-pack foods, use freezer bags, heavy foil, plastic wrap for the freezer, or laminated freezer wrap.