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Whip up these recipes in no time with the youngsters in your life.


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    • Stacked Chicken Salad Sandwich

      Stop at the deli for chicken or tuna salad; spread cream cheese and lettuce on flour tortillas to make an old favorite in a new shape.

    • Chewy Granola Goodies

      Kid tasters love this no-bake, cereal-and-marshmallow cookie.

    • Nachos for Dinner!

      These beef-and-cheese nachos can be served as an appetizer or main dish.

    • Peanut Butter Pizza

      For an after-school get-together, bake a cookie pizza for hungry youngsters.

    • Cottage Cheese and Apple Snacks

      What's tastier than apples, peanut butter, and cheese? Try the combination in this low-fat snack. Brush the apple or pear slices with a little lemon juice to prevent them from turning brown.

    • Fajita Pitas

      A little bit Mexican, a little bit Middle Eastern: Try fajita ingredients -- beef steak, sweet pepper, and cheese -- in a pita.

    • Hit the Trail Mix

      Dry cereal and fruit snacks make up this easy after-school snack that kids can prepare, too!

    • Smiling Pineapple Salads

      Your child will have fun using vegetables, fruits, and nuts to make a face on each pineapple-cottage cheese salad.

    • "Say Cheese" Calzone

      Four cheeses inside refrigerated pizza dough make this calzone extra cheesy.

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