NEW Recipes from the August Issue

It's time to take it outside. We're sharing recipes that are best served al fresco with friends. Salute summer, from drinks to dessert, with the latest recipes from Better Homes and Gardens.

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How to Make Popcorn Balls

This all-time favorite dessert is offers instant nostalgia (remember Grandma making them?). Bring them into your own kitchen with our incredible easy steps.

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Dishes Made Better by Potato Chips

I chip, you chip, we chip. Our love affair with America's favorite snack goes well beyond the bag. We're sharing dishes that were made better (way better) by potato chips.

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Dress Up a Dessert in 8 Seconds (or Less!)

Make any dessert recipe worthy of a party with these easy ideas to dress them up. Each dessert idea can be done within 8 seconds!

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Canning Basics

Enjoy your favorite produce year-round by canning it. We'll walk you through how to can foods safely with less mess.

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How to Mail Cookies

Send your famous cookie recipe to loved ones anywhere! See how to pack cookies so they won't crumble and other tips for how to mail cookies.

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DIY Drink Stations

Our favorite party trend? Creative DIY drink stations that let party-goers play mixologist. We're sharing our favorite beverage stations, including an infused vodka station, a mojito station, and more. Once you set out the listed supplies, you're all ready to party!

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Popular in Food

Working with Zest

Simply add the perfumed, pigmented outermost layer of a citrus fruit to put "zest" in any meal.


1. Zest has an intense flavor, which is why it is so valued by cooks. To make the most of this property, you should be sure to eliminate any of the fruit's white membrane, which has a bitter flavor. To zest fruit, use a vegetable peeler, paring knife, or "zester tool" (available at kitchen shops) to remove the outermost colored peel in long strips, as shown. Try to avoid digging into the fruit so deeply that you cut into the white underskin surrounding the fruit; cut off only the top, colored layer of the peel.

Step 2.

2. Lay each strip of peeling on a cutting board, outer side down. With a sharp knife, scrape away any white membrane adhering to the underside of the strip.

Step 3.

3. When you have cleaned the strips of all the membrane, use kitchen shears to finely snip the zest into small pieces, as shown.

Step 4.

4. Or use a French chef's knife to chop zest as finely as you like. Tightly covered, zest will keep in the refrigerator for several days.


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