1 medium orange equals: 1/3 cup sections 1/4 to 1/3 cup juice 4 teaspoons shredded peel


Look for well-formed fruit that's heavy for its size and has healthy color. Brown speckling and a slight greenish tinge found on the surface of some oranges don't affect the eating quality.

Preparation hints:

Wash oranges thoroughly before cutting or slicing. To remove peel and white membrane, cut a thin slice off each end of the orange. Set fruit on one end. then cut a strip of peel from top to bottom. Continue cutting from top to bottom until peel is removed.

The most common varieties of orange available during the holiday season are navel and blood oranges. Navel oranges are large, may be round to oval in shape, are easy to peel, and are great served in salads and compotes as well as eating out of hand. Blood oranges are smaller and round in shape; they have a blushing orange-red skin and reddish-orange meat. They are great served in salads and compotes, adding a bright color as well as intense orange flavor.

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