Easy Fish Tostadas with Chili Lime Cream

Flavorful tilapia fillets spice up dinner. Cook them on the broiler rack at the same time as your tostada shells for a super fast dinner.

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NEW Recipes from Our July Magazine

The latest recipes from Better Homes and Gardens are here. We're sharing nine irresistible things to make this month, including sweet cobblers, grilled ribs, and easy weeknight dishes.

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Avocado Toast Recipes to Make for Your Next Brunch

Think brunch is basic? Meet avocado toast. These Instagram-famous toasts are the best thing since sliced bread and can be topped with just about anything you like.

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15 Ways to Enjoy Wine All Summer Long

This summer, say good-bye to room-temperature red wine and slightly chilled whites. We've got 15 cool recipes to help you beat the heat, because we all need a little more wine in our lives.

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Freezer Breakfast Recipes

Introducing 19 easy, freezy breakfast recipes you'll love -- including nutty chocolate pancakes, fresh smoothies, freezer jams, and homey biscuits and gravy. Waking up to a yummy breakfast has never been easier.

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Vegetarian Potato Frittata -- Made In a Skillet!

This super-satisfying egg breakfast features a hearty mix of veggies and a nifty presentation thanks to a cooked-in-the-skillet technique.

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16 Snacks You Need for Your Next Netflix Binge

Netflix bingeing is now an official American pastime, so it only makes sense that it gets its own set of snack recipes. We've gathered some of our favorite snack ideas, from the sweet to the salty to the OMG amazing. Whip 'em up, settle in, and let the marathon begin.

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Spice up your cooking with colorful hot peppers.

Chiles are spicy pods of the capsicum family of plants. Also known as chile peppers, they're available in many sizes and colors, with varying degrees of hotness (generally, the smaller the chile, the hotter it is). When shopping for fresh chiles, look for bright colors and avoid any that are shriveled, bruised, or broken. Store them, covered, in the refrigerator for up to five days. Dried chiles will keep for up to one year in airtight containers in a cool, dark place. A few varieties include:

Anaheim: Available in fresh and dried forms, these chiles are versatile and offer medium heat.

Ancho: The dried version of the poblano pepper, these are mild to medium-hot, with complex flavors.

Cascabel: These red chiles have a medium heat and are most often sold dried.

Chile de arbol: This long, slender bright-to-deep-red chile is extremely hot. It comes in both dried and fresh forms.

Chipotle: Chipotle peppers are dried, smoked jalapenos, which are sometimes found canned in adobo, a spicy sauce.

Dried pequin: These tiny chiles are loaded with blistering heat. They should be used sparingly and with caution.

Habanero: Native to the Caribbean, these pack a searing heat and are available fresh and dried, with the fresh being the most popular.

Jalapeno: These are hot to extremely hot, with a short, oval shape and a green to reddish-green color.

Pasilla: These long, slender dried chiles have wrinkled skin and are medium to very hot, with a rich flavor. In some regions, they're also available fresh.

Poblano: This one is a mild to medium-hot chile with deep, complex flavors.

Serrano: The color of these hot, slender chiles is deep green, which sometimes ripens to bright red.

Thai: For spicing up Thai-inspired dishes, these colorful little chiles are the choice -- they pack plenty of intense heat.


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