The Best Baking Tips We've Ever Published

It's time to polish that Best Baker on the Block trophy, because these no-fail tips will take your baking to the next level.

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Bloody Mary Recipes

Whip up an amazing Bloody Mary recipe from our wide selection of beverages featuring variations made with vodka, tequila, and even beer. Plus, we throw in ideas for unique drink garnishes, along with our best tips for hosting a cocktail party. Cheers!

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All-Time Favorite Christmas Cookies

It's simple: These very merry Christmas cookie recipes are favorites that you'll want to save, hand down, and make again and again. We've got all the classics, including sugar cookie recipes, Christmas spritz cookies, and spiced gingerbread recipes. Try one of our cookie recipes to share this Christmas!

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60-Minute (and Under) Dinner Rolls

One of the most time-consuming parts of any holiday meal: making the dinner rolls. With the time it takes to prepare the dough, wait for it to rise, and bake, traditional dinner roll recipes can be an all-day affair! Making dinner rolls doesn't have to take all day, though. Whether you make them from scratch or start with a little extra help, you can make delicious dinner rolls in just one hour. So, make preparing your holiday dinner a little easier with these eight quick dinner roll recipes that are all ready in 60 minutes or less!

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Snowman Jars You Can Make in Bulk for Christmas Gifting

Add a frosty flare to your mason jars with this holiday craft that you can make for anyone on your gift list.

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Sweeteners are essential for adding flavor, tenderness, and a bit of browning to baked goods.

Molasses ginger cookies.

Molasses: Although it is primarily used for flavoring gingersnaps and gingerbread, molasses -- a thick, dark brown syrup generally made from the juice pressed from sugarcane during refining -- adds sweetness to baked goods, too. Molasses comes in light and dark varieties. The two forms are interchangeable, so choose one depending on how much molasses flavor you like.

Brown sugar: Brown sugar is a processed mixture of granulated sugar and molasses which gives it its distinctive flavor and color. Brown sugar is available in both light and dark varieties; dark brown sugar has the stronger flavor. You can substitute granulated sugar measure for measure for brown sugar, except in products where color and flavor might be important, such as a caramel sauce. In baked products that use baking powder or baking soda, add 1/4 teaspoon more baking soda for each cup of brown sugar used in place of granulated sugar.

Powdered sugar: Powdered sugar, also known as confectioner's sugar, is granulated sugar that has been milled to a fine powder, then mixed with cornstarch to prevent lumping. Sift powdered sugar before using and do not substitute it for granulated sugar.

Honey: Honey is made by bees from all sorts of flower nectars. It adds moisture, sweetness, and a characteristic flavor to baked goods. Because it caramelizes more quickly and at lower temperatures than sugar, honey causes baked goods to brown more quickly. It is also available in whipped forms.

Corn syrup: Corn syrup is a heavy syrup that has half the sweetness of sugar. It is available in light and dark varieties. Like dark brown sugar, dark corn syrup has the stronger flavor.

Granulated, or white, sugar: Granulated, or white, sugar is the most common sweetener used in baking. It is made from sugarcane or sugar beets. White sugar is most commonly available in what is called fine granulation, but it also comes in superfine (also called ultrafine or caster sugar), a finer grind of sugar that dissolves readily, making it ideal for frosting, meringues, and drinks. Pearl or coarse sugar is just that -- a coarser granulation best used for decorating cookies and other baked goods.


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