How to Bake Apples

Follow our tips for an easy apple dessert.

The heavenly aroma of baked apples is matched only by the amazing sweet, caramellike flavor of the oh-so-easy treats.

Step 1: Core the apples

Peeling a strip from apple

Using an apple corer or a sharp knife, remove cores from the apples. Peel a strip around the top of each apple.

Step 2: Set apples in baking dish

Place apples in a baking dish or in individual custard cups. (If necessary, remove a thin slice from the bottom of each apple so it sits flat.)

Step 3: Spoon cooked fruit or another filling, if desired, into centers of apples. Pour liquid such as apple juice, orange juice, or fruit nectar around apples.

Step 4: Bake apples

Bake until apples are tender (about 40 minutes, at 350 degrees), basting occasionally with liquid from baking dish. Cool slightly. Serve warm with a scoop of ice cream, if desired.