Holiday Fruit Wreath

Sun-loving garnishes -- oranges, kumquats, and lemon leaves -- put a happy spin on this doorway decoration.

For a well-balanced display, cluster the largest objects (in this case, three oranges) just off center at the bottom of the wreath. Then, evenly space groupings of smaller items, such as kumquats and orange slices, up the sides.

What You Need:

  • Garden clippers
  • Branches of fresh lemon leaves
  • 14-inch-diameter grapevine wreath
  • Medium-weight florist's wire
  • 4 pinecones
  • 5 small oranges
  • 25 kumquats
  • 4 dried orange slices
  • 24 cinnamon sticks


1. Clip lemon leaves into 8- to 10-inch branches. Push branches into the wreath, working around the wreath in one direction; completely cover the grapevine. Wrap a length of wire around each pinecone, twisting the wire ends together into a long tail.

2. Skewer each of the three oranges, the kumquats, and the orange slices near one end with wire; twist ends together as directed for the cones. Gather and twist the kumquats into bunches of five.

3. Referring to the photograph, arrange and secure whole oranges, kumquat bunches, and pinecones to the wreath. Insert cinnamon sticks. Drape citrus curls, cut from the remaining oranges, around the lower part of the wreath.


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