Healthy Lunch Recipes

A healthy lunch can give you the right fuel to keep up your energy and mood for the rest of the day. The most difficult part of eating healthy may be choosing varied meals that don't leave you bored. That's where our best healthy lunch recipes come to the rescue. We've got tons of tasty lunch meals like crunchy fresh salads, layered-with-goodness sandwiches, and even picnic recipes to take with you to the ballpark or on a picnic. Sandwiches are a great healthy lunch choice—they're quick, delicious, and portable. A few simple swaps to your usual sandwich fixings can help you save hundreds of calories without skimping on taste. We walk you through how to make a lighter, more flavorful sandwich with low-calorie and low-fat swaps, as well as an explanation of the four basic elements of a sandwich. Americans also love salads for lunch recipes, which is a fantastic way to get multiple servings of vegetables and fruits. But salads can hide lots of hidden calories and fat sources. We walk you through healthy salad selections that are quick to make, nutritious to eat for lunch or dinner, and keep your body fueled. Our healthy lunch recipes are easy, delicious, and perfect for sticking to any diet.

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Healthy Salad Step-by-Step

Learn how to create a flavorful salad without lots of fat and calories.

How to Make a Lighter Sandwich

These low-cal and low-fat swaps are tasty and better for you.

Healthy Cooking Swaps

Make easy work for lightening your lunch with our helpful healthy cooking substitutions.

Everything in Healthy Lunch Recipes
Healthy Lunch Recipes
  • How to Make a Healthy Salad

    Create a healthy salad with our ideas for toppers and mix-ins that provide a tasty and nutritious midday meal.

  • How to Make a Healthy Sandwich

    Make a healthier sandwich for lunch using our tips that offer delicious, wholesome choices.

  • Fresh Winter Salads

    You’ll find plenty of inspiration with these fresh winter salads from the pages of Good & Fresh™ magazine.

  • Healthy Salad Recipes

    Try a one of our easy salads for a healthy lunch you can be proud of.


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