Beef Burger Recipes

When you're craving the meatiest, most succulent burgers around, page through this collection of irresistible beefy takes on the great American sandwich. The toppings won't disappoint: We stacked beef burgers with an assortment of final finishes, including fried eggs and tangy shredded pickles.

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How to Make Popcorn Balls

This all-time favorite dessert is offers instant nostalgia (remember Grandma making them?). Bring them into your own kitchen with our incredible easy steps.

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5-Minute Lunch Box Ideas

Lunch, fast. Two words that may mean a drive-through to you, but we have more than a dozen ways to pack your lunch box with a delicious meal in 5 minutes. Noon just got tastier.

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How to Make Kombucha

Kombucha tea is a fermented tea gaining popularity for its health benefits as a functional drink. You can find lots of kombucha tea products in health food stores and on supermarket shelves, but you can make kombucha at home using our kombucha recipe and tips for how to make kombucha, from making the SCOBY to bottling the finished kombucha.

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Quotes About Food That Nailed It!

You know those times you need to pause and rewind because a character in a movie or TV show just said something that's speaking directly to you? Food quotes make us do that. Here are some quotes about food that speak the truth.

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How to Mail Cookies

Send your famous cookie recipe to loved ones anywhere! See how to pack cookies so they won't crumble and other tips for how to mail cookies.

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DIY Drink Stations

Our favorite party trend? Creative DIY drink stations that let party-goers play mixologist. We're sharing our favorite beverage stations, including an infused vodka station, a mojito station, and more. Once you set out the listed supplies, you're all ready to party!

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Low-Sodium Dinner Recipes

Low sodium doesn't mean low flavor. These scrumptious heart-healthy recipes have less than 140 mg of sodium per serving. So go ahead -- use these low-sodium recipes to serve a tasty, low-sodium supper tonight!


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    • Sesame Chicken Salad

      Sun-sweetened orange juice and mild rice vinegar combine with nutty sesame oil, making a zesty dressing for this salad.


    • Penne with Walnuts & Peppers

      This 30-minute vegetarian pasta toss is loaded with antioxidants and is high in fiber to help keep you full. Fresh rosemary, fresh parsley, and black pepper add ample flavor without salt.

    • Beef Tenderloin with Balsamic Tomatoes

      Steak as part of a heart-healthy diet? You bet! By keeping portions in check and adding flavor from vinegar and fresh herbs instead of salt, you can sink your teeth into a juicy cut of meat for only 80 mg of sodium.

    • Turkey-Broccoli Salad with Grapes

      This simple, toss-together salad tastes great at room temperature or chilled, making it a perfect choice for a brown-bag lunch. Top with a sprinkling of almonds just before serving so they still pack a crunch.

    • Fajita-Style Beef Tacos

      These pretty tacos get fresh, bright flavors from lime and cilantro, a touch of sweetness from golden mango, and a kick of heat from cayenne pepper. Thanks to the full-flavor ingredients, sodium is only 140 mg for two tacos!

    • Thai Sole & Vegetables

      A flaky fish fillet and lots of veggies fuel you with fiber and protein, while keeping calories low. This lemon-and-basil-flavor entree is baked in parchment packets for no-fuss cleanup.

    • Baking Salmon in Parchment

      Check out our tips for baking salmon in a parchment packet.

    • Farfalle with Mushrooms & Spinach

      Toss bow tie pasta with fresh portobello mushrooms and spinach, and voila! You'll enjoy a delicious, no-sacrifice, low-sodium dinner.

    • Honey-Ginger-Crusted Chicken

      Honey, orange juice, and ginger give this tastes-fried-but-isn't chicken an updated flavor. Best of all, the chicken keeps its crisp, with little fat or calories.

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      Pollack with Nectarine Salad

      The delicious combination of fresh fruits, veggies, and grilled fish makes a light, refreshing salad that's perfect for summer. If pollack is not available at your grocery store, substitute another whitefish such as cod.

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      Grilled Halibut with Blueberry-Pepper Sauce

      Sage and pepper help bring out the tantalizing flavor of the blueberries in this recipe's easy-fixing topper. Serve it with any grilled or broiled fish.

      Tip: Not a fish fan? The tasty, low-sodium sauce is great on chicken, too.

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      Curried Chicken Salad

      Toss chicken with chopped apples, slivered almonds, celery, and raisins, and place the mixture inside lettuce leaves for these eat-with-your-hands dinner treats.

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      Chicken-Noodle Soup

      Think soup is off your low-sodium menu? Not this low-salt take on the classic chicken-noodle soup. Keep the recipe for chicken broth to reuse in other dinners.

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      Grilled Rosemary Chicken

      This low-sodium chicken gets its tangy flavor from lime juice and finely shredded lime peel instead of salt.

      Tip: To get the most juice from limes, lemons, or oranges, let them stand at room temperature for about 30 minutes before halving and squeezing them.

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      Northwest Roasted Halibut

      You'll need just six ingredients for this low-sodium dish, and that's including nonstick cooking spray! You'll love the tangy zip of mixed berries atop the fish fillet.

      Tip: Use frozen berries for a juicier sauce and try the sauce unheated.

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      Grilled Lemon Chicken

      Reader-favorite alert! This flavorful low-sodium recipe requires only seven ingredients and is easy to follow.

      Tip: Instead of using oil to keep chicken moist while cooking, use an oil-free marinade or spritz it with broth, water, or juice.

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      Chicken-and-Melon-Stuffed Shells

      Bring together the fresh taste of melons and the ease of cooking pasta shells for this surprising, light twist on dinner. Many of the ingredients for this low-sodium supper may already be in your cupboard.

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      Spice-Rubbed Pork Loin Roast

      Make this low-sodium rub ahead of time to top a dinnertime pork roast or chicken breast. Rubs made with spices instead of salt keep the sodium total in check.

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      Pasta with Red Pepper Sauce

      This vibrant red sauce is a versatile standby in a vegetarian cook's repertoire, and includes such favorites as red sweet peppers, basil, and red wine vinegar.

      Tip: Experiment using this low-sodium sauce over polenta, vegetables, legumes, and other dishes for a change of pace from ho-hum (and often high-sodium) marinara sauce.

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