Low Fat Recipes

You won't skimp on flavor with these delicious low fat recipes. We've collected easy low fat meals, full menus, desserts, and more. We've got lots of low fat recipes for dinners that maximize taste without going overboard on fat -- 3 grams max, as a matter of fact. Surprise: They include classics such as meat loaf and mac and cheese! You can also make over some of your favorite recipes, such as baked goods, casseroles, and soups, by using cooking techniques that eliminate fat and calories. Make dessert bars, cookies, and cakes that have less fat but are entirely delicious; our recipes show you how. For a primer on healthy fats, click through our information on the different types of fats to learn which are good and which are bad to include in your diet. Save on fat grams by using our handy guide to healthy food swaps you can make when dining out or reaching for a snack. Lowering fat is good for you, but increasing omega-3 fatty acids can also boost your heart health; we have recipes to add more omega-3s to your diet.

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Low Fat Substitutions and Baking
Tips to Bake with Less Fat

Remove some fat from your favorite baked treats with our easy, no-sacrifice tips and delicious recipes.

Choose This, Not That to Save on Fat

A few easy swaps can save you a lot of fat -- and you'll be surprised by which foods make the cut!

Healthy Cooking Substitutes

Reduce fat in your cooking and baking with these handy healthy substitutions.

Everything in Low Fat Recipes
Low-Fat Recipes


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