Low-Cholesterol Recipes

If you need to lower your cholesterol—or even if you're just trying to eat healthier—you don't have to give up flavor. We've got tasty, healthful recipes that your family will love and won't even notice are lower in cholesterol. Start by setting the record straight. If you are confused about good and bad fats, you're not the only one. We've got a handy guide that explains it all, as well as what to avoid and how to read labels. Eggs and oil used to be no-no's for people who wanted to lower cholesterol levels, but no more; try our recipes that include eggs and egg substitutes, as well as flavorful, healthful oils. There are lots of heart-healthy cooking shortcuts that the experts rely on; try our healthy cooking tips at home. And all of our recipes—including oatmeal, salads, and fish, as well as indulgent desserts and appetizers—can be added to your dinner rotation to help lower cholesterol.

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Low-Cholesterol Tips
Good vs. Bad Fats

See our list of fats with heart-boosting benefit and fats to avoid.

Boost Your Omega-3 Fats

Eat these foods to help reduce LDL levels and increase HDL levels.

Low-Cholesterol Egg Substitutes

Check out our picks for the best cholesterol-free egg substitutes.

Low-Cholesterol Recipes with Grains and Vegetables
Fiber-Rich Whole Grain Recipes

Get more whole grains in your diet with our top picks for stews, salads, sides, desserts, and more!

Tasty Veggie Side Dishes

Keep your cardio healthy with our veggie ideas.

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Low-Cholesterol Recipes