Healthy Summer Desserts

Take advantage of the fresh fruit and hot temperatures of summer and make these refreshing treats for a barbecue, block party, or casual summer dinner.

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Berry Pudding Cake
Berry Pudding Cake

    The "cake" top bakes while the berries bubble in their own juicy sweetness underneath.

Peach-Berry Cobbler

    Cobbler is the ultimate comfort food. You'll agree when you spoon into syrupy peaches and raspberries with spicy biscuit topping, served hot with a scoop of low-fat vanilla ice cream. To cut the calories and carbs even more, you can use the sugar substitute option.

Mango Yogurt Pops

    Made with real fruit and fat-free yogurt, these pops are a healthful low-calorie treat. On a hot summer day, the tropical taste of this refreshing snack will hit the spot -- for kids and adults alike.

Berries with Custard Sauce

    It's like a trifle without the cake! Instead of the sherry or orange liqueur that's used in traditional trifle, vanilla flavors our lightened custard dessert.

Fruit Kabobs

    Kabobs are a fun way to serve fruit for parties, and a cool dip adds extra pizzazz. Seasonal substitutes, such as fresh peaches, nectarines, and plums or mangoes, add flavorful variety.

Berry-Cream Cheese Tart

    Plump fresh berries perched atop a light citrus-cream cheese filling make a showy finale. Light cream cheese and dessert topping make a cheesecake-like filling.

Passion Fruit Juice Pops

    Cool, wet, and refreshing, these tropical ice pops were inspired by popular Latino cocktails. Create an exotic tropical-flavored pop using pineapple juice, passion fruit juice, and lime juice. It's as good as a cool breeze on a hot day.

Red, White, and Blue Parfaits

    Proudly show your patriotic colors! Lemon peel and rosemary flavor the creamy white layers that separate strawberries and blueberries.

Berry Dessert Nachos

    Nachos for dessert? Sure! The homemade cinnamon-and-sugar crisps are layered with fresh berries, fat-free whipped topping, almonds, and grated chocolate.

Citrus Sherbet

    Unflavored gelatin and buttermilk give this easy sherbet its smooth texture while helping to keep the fat and calories per serving low.

Lemon Cream

    This light, airy lemon cream is the ultimate in elegant desserts and is surprisingly easy to make. This tangy lemon dessert holds its shape with the help of gelatin, eggs, and light whipped topping.

Nectarine Tart

    The filling in this low-fat dessert tastes deceivingly rich. Fat-free cream cheese is the key. For a pretty finish, arrange the nectarines or peaches and blueberries in a pinwheel design before glazing with the apricot spread.

Berry Ginger Shortcakes

    Like classic shortcakes, but better! These sweet biscuits are split in half, filled with low-calorie sweetened berries, and topped with sour cream-flavored whipped topping. Heavenly!

Strawberry Daiquiri Dessert

    Strawberries, cooling lime, and refreshing mango sorbet make this dessert a summer favorite.

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