Easy Heart-Healthy Salads

If you're looking for good taste and good health, you can't go wrong with seasonal vegetables.


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    • Triple-Berry Salad

      Boost your daily dose of antioxidants with the raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries in this salad. The cream of coconut and ginger in the dressing give this side dish a rich, sweet flavor with a tangy zip.

    • Pear-Walnut Salad

      Toss fresh, sweet, crisp pears with walnuts and greens for a great-tasting salad that's high in fiber and antioxidants but low in sodium.

    • Fruit Bowl Salad with Honey-Mint Dressing

      The honey-mint dressing is simple to make. Drizzle over the fruit mixture and toss to make this fresh side dish.

    • Cranberry-Raspberry Spinach Salad

      Simply add chicken or salmon to add protein and make this a main-dish salad. With its bright red dressing, this fresh spinach, fruit, and nut salad is pretty enough to serve during the holidays.

    • Grilled Red Onion & Corn Salad with Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette

      Grilling the sweet peppers gives this vinaigrette a tantalizing smoky flavor.

    • Healthy Caesar Salad

      Fat-free mayonnaise in the dressing makes this much lower in fat than a classic Caesar salad. Portobello mushrooms add meaty flavor to this side dish.

    • Grilled Corn Salad

      Corn, spinach, cherry tomatoes, and fresh oregano make this beguiling salad a home gardener's delight. If you don't garden, shop at a local farmer's market.

    • Cilantro Three-Bean Salad

      This three-bean salad is picnic perfect. It’s updated with garbanzo beans, small white beans, and baby limas fired up with jalapeno peppers.

    • Cranberry-Turkey Spinach Salad

      Use hors d'oeuvre cutters to cut the cranberry sauce into tiny stars or other shapes to give this salad even more pizzazz.

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      Green Bean and Potato Salad

      This delicious combination gets extra flavor from fresh basil and pitted Kalamata olives. When available, use thin, sweet French green beans (haricots verts) in place of regular green beans.

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      The New Layered Salad

      This updated version includes turkey ham, fresh fennel, and reduced-fat or smoked cheese.

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      Greek Vegetable Salad

      This Mediterranean side dish omits the lettuce and fills the plate with refreshing, nutrient-rich vegetables.

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