Heart-Healthy Recipes

Learn how to boost your heart health with these heart-healthy recipes and meals. Here you'll find hundreds of ideas for heart-healthy recipes for every meal and occasion. Breakfast, lunch, dinner? Of course! But we didn't forget about healthy desserts, side dishes, snacks, restaurant favorites, comfort foods, and holiday recipes. You'll find taste-tested recipes that you'll be proud to serve. Some foods such as beans, fish, and whole grains have added heart benefits; we'll show you how to make these healthy foods delicious. If you think eating foods that are heart-healthy means a bigger grocery bill, think again. We have healthy dinner ideas that ring up at $3 or less per serving! In addition to delicious recipes, we have dozens of heart-healthy cooking tips and tricks you can use to make all your recipes better for you. Start with advice on low-sodium food swaps and how to cook with less salt. Our guide to stocking your pantry with heart-smart ingredients will ensure you can make a heart-healthy dinner any night.

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Heart-Healthy Foods + Recipes
Heart-Healthy Vegetable Dishes

Get more veggies in your heart-healthy diet with recipes that feature the Cleveland Clinic's top vegetable picks.

Top 10 Fruits for Heart Health

These 10 fruits are musts in a heart-healthy diet. Learn which ones make the list and get recipes that feature them.

Top Heart-Healthy Recipes

From breakfast to dessert and every meal occasion between we've got a heart-healthy recipe for you here.

Heart-Healthy Cooking Tips
Heart-Healthy Cooking Shortcuts

These 15 secrets can help you cook with less fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Bonus: You won't skimp on taste or have to look for new recipes.

Four Weeks of Heart-Healthy Tips

Start a heart-healthy lifestyle with our easy-to-follow four-week guide. Our simple ideas combine diet and exercise to take healthy living day by day.

More Ways to Live a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle
Easy Heart-Healthy Salads

These fresh-for-the-season salads fill you up with a heart-smart diet in mind.

Healthy High-Potassium Recipes

Enjoy high-potassium recipes to naturally control your blood pressure.

Everything in Heart-Healthy Recipes
Heart-Healthy Cooking Tips
Heart-Healthy Dinner Recipes
Heart-Healthy Sides and Snacks
Heart-Healthy Desserts
  • Healthy Dark Chocolate Recipes

    Indulge in a heart-healthy sweet! Dark chocolate makes a special treat that’s both yummy and good for you, too.

  • Heart-Healthy Baking Recipes

    Surprise friends and family when you serve them a delicious dessert that’s part of a heart-healthy diet.

  • Healthy Cookies and Bars for Christmas

    Celebrate the holidays with our cookies and bars that taste great and take care of your heart at the same time.

  • 15 Healthy Desserts

    Our desserts offer the best of both worlds -- yummy cookies, cakes, cobblers, and pies that are low in calories.

  • Healthy Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Recipes

    There are no diet worries here when you indulge in our healthy collection of ice cream and frozen treat recipes.

  • Healthy Fall Desserts

    We’ve used our favorite fall flavors in this collection of desserts that are low on calories but big on taste.

  • Healthy Chocolate Desserts

    Now you can enjoy your favorite chocolate treats and follow a heart-smart diet with our cookies, cakes, and more.

  • Healthy Winter Desserts

    Whether you’re baking for the holidays or a sweet ending to your meal, our desserts provide a healthy option.

  • Healthy Summer Desserts

    Our desserts provide a refreshing and fruity summer treat that won’t fill you up with calories and fat.


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