How to Make Gluten-Free Flour Mix

With this ratio of white rice flour, potato starch, sorghum flour, and xanthan gum, we created a gluten-free flour mix that you can swap cup-for-cup for regular all-purpose flour.

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Scalloped Potato Recipes

Need some sure winners to add to your list of potato sides? Look no further than these gooey scalloped potato recipes. From classic au gratin potato bakes to modern twists featuring sweet potatoes or fruit, these buttery golden casseroles have it all: cheese, crumbs, and taters!

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How to Make a Single-Crust Piecrust

Learn how to make a pie with tender, flaky crust in 11 simple steps.

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How to Brine a Turkey

Learning how to brine is the simple secret to serving a moist, tender turkey (plus, it enhances the bird's flavor). For most turkey brine recipes, start with a stir-together saltwater solution and be sure to plan ahead, since marinating takes eight to 12 hours.

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Flavorful Green Bean Casserole Recipes

The fresh flavor and creamy texture of green bean casserole have made it a go-to side dish. If you're looking for ways to switch up the classic comfort food, turn to these green bean recipes that showcase what you love about green bean casserole while adding surprising touches.

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How to Mash Potatoes

Make mashed potatoes from scratch -- the creamy results are a special side dish for any dinner. See how our Test Kitchen experts make their mashed potatoes using two types of potatoes and a surprisingly simple process.

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Healthy Summer Soup Recipes

Soups, stews, gazpachos, and chowders -- get your bowls ready for these delicious summer recipes! Not only are these soup recipes filled with fresh summer produce, but each healthy recipe rings in at less than 400 calories, helping you stick to your beach-ready diet this summer.


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    • Chicken and Tortilla Soup

      Fresh veggies, such as sugar snap peas, zucchini, tomatoes, and jalapeno peppers, bring fresh, summery flair to a classic Mexican soup recipe. DIY salted tortilla strips add crunch to every bite.

    • Grilled Corn Chowder

      A kaleidescope of flavors, including smoky grilled corn and spicy poblano peppers, fills this delicious summer chowder. Pureed potatoes and onion give this healthy soup recipe indulgent, creamy texture without all the fat.


    • Spicy Brazilian Turkey Soup

      Spices such as garlic, chile pepper, and ginger in this healthy soup recipe help cut calories without sacrificing flavor. High-protein turkey, tomatoes, and unsweetened coconut milk round out this spicy one-dish meal. 

    • Fresh Tomato Soup

      This soup filled with fresh, ripe tomatoes can be served cold or hot -- it tastes delicious either way! All you'll need are seven ingredients and 30 minutes to make this 69-calorie, side-dish soup recipe!

    • Danish Green Kale Soup

      Looking for a new kale recipe? Try this slow cooker soup recipe. Not only is it bright, colorful, and healthy (just 204 calories!), but it's full of tasty ingredients, including salty ham, loads of fresh veggies, and robust garlic.

    • Vegetable Soup: Five Veggies Inside!

      This light and bright broth-based soup recipe is full of zucchini, fennel, and asparagus. Watch to learn how to make this veggie-packed summer soup.

    • Spicy Broccoli and Bean Soup

      Our guilt-free Asian-style soup is full of broccoli, tofu, and rice noodles to keep the calories low and nutrition high. A pinch of crushed red pepper added toward the end of cooking adds an unexpected kick of heat.

    • Shrimp Soup with Chili Tortilla Strips

      Load your soup with lean protein from shrimp and cannellini beans, and big flavor from garlic, cilantro, and citrus. Silky avocado and crunchy chili-seasoned tortilla strips add contrasting textures. This Mexican soup recipe is loaded with all that for only 248 calories!

    • Chilly Chile Pepper Gazpacho

      Nothing says summer soup better than gazpacho! This chilled soup recipe is the perfect refreshing dish for any summer meal. Ours is full of spicy serrano peppers, protein-packed crabmeat, and plenty of fresh summer vegetables.

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      Fresh Corn and Chicken Chowder

      Fresh corn chowder is a perfect summer indulgence. Despite this soup's creamy chowder texture, it has only 269 calories, a full serving of vegetables, and 29 g of lean protein from chicken.

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      Soba Noodle Bowl

      This one-pan, Japanese-style soup recipe is ready in 25 minutes, perfect for busy weeknights. It's full of good-for-you ingredients, too, like chicken, carrots, peas, and fresh jalapenos.

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      Summer Squash Soup with Whole Wheat Orzo

      This summery soup recipes gets its bright monochromatic color from yellow squash, lemon, and turmeric. Whole wheat orzo provides staying power and cooks more quickly than other pastas for an easy weeknight recipe that's ready in 30 minutes.


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      Vegetable Garden Soup with Turkey

      Celebrate your farmer's market goodies. This vegetable soup recipe is bursting with fresh produce, including summer squash, tomatoes, and crisp green beans. Turkey adds satisfying lean protein to round out this low-calorie soup.

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      Italian Minestrone Soup

      Our summer-friendly version of the Italian classic soup recipe is the ultimate celebration of seasonal produce. Zucchini, green beans, carrots, celery, and tomatoes fill this minestrone recipe.

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      Chilled Cucumber-Chickpea Soup

      Try this easy cucumber-chickpea soup recipe -- it's full of fresh produce and cool ingredients to help you beat the summer heat. For a touch of spice, roll shrimp in a homemade coriander-paprika rub before adding it to the dish.

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      Lemon-Sesame Shrimp Soup

      Filled with bright lemon, fresh kale, and shrimp, this Asian-inspired soup recipe hits the spot on summer days. Bonus: Fresh veggies and seasonings mean you get this summer recipe for just 155 calories!

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      We all want the same thing: a delicious (and healthy!) inexpensive dinner. Try our healthy dinner recipes. Each dish is full of nutrition without skimping on taste. Plus, at less than $3 per serving, our healthy recipes are easy on the wallet and the waistline.
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