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With our fabulous healthy recipes, expert guidelines, and helpful tips, you can establish healthy eating habits for losing weight and improving your health. Dive right in with our quick and easy five-ingredient recipes that prove eating healthy is simple to do, even on hectic weeknights. But if you do find yourself in the drive-through line, download our free information on smart choices under 400 calories at fast-food restaurants. Start making smarter choices every time you step in the kitchen with our wealth of advice on healthy cooking substitutions, a primer on good fats and bad fats, smart swaps, and even tips on how to save money at the grocery store. You've probably heard about superfoods or power foods—foods to add to your diet for extra nutritional boosts. Our information on power foods explains what makes them so good for you and shows lots of delicious ways to prepare them so everyone in the family will enjoy eating them. With hundreds of healthy recipes and all the Nutrition 101 information you need to make smart decisions, this is your one-stop healthy-eating resource.

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Healthy Eating Tips for Families
On a Diet? How to Feed Your Family

Stick to your healthy-eating goals while still enjoying meals as a family. We've got the tips that make dinnertime possible.

How to Teach Kids About Nutrition

Let your kids in on the nutrition lessons by involving them in the shopping and planning process. We promise they'll enjoy it!

Healthy Cooking Substitutions

Customize kids' favorite recipes with healthy ingredient swaps like the ones you'll find here.

More Healthy Eating Tips
Which Fats Are Good for You?

When you see fat listed on a nutrition label, do you avoid it? You may be surprised by certain fats that can be part of your healthy eating plan.

Fast-Food Choices: Eat Smart!

Eating out doesn't have to mean giving up your healthy-eating routine. Our five easy, surefire tips can help you maintain your waistline.

Recipes Under 400 Calories

Fill up on fewer calories with these satisfying and healthy recipes. From vegetarian dishes to meaty mains, we have a wide selection to browse.

Everything in Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating Tips
Power Foods
  • Apple Recipes and How-To Tips

    You won’t miss out on your apple-a-day with our tips and recipes that bring this nutritious fruit to your table.

  • Delicious Asparagus Recipes

    Low in calories, our delicious asparagus recipes also offer inspiration for soups, salads, skillets, and more.

  • Raspberry and Blackberry Recipes and How-To Tips

    Raspberries and blackberries are high in antioxidants and make a healthy addition to your favorite recipes.

  • Healthy Dark Chocolate Recipes

    Dark chocolate is a decadent treat that packs a healthful punch by lowering cholesterol.

  • Citrus Recipes and How-To Tips

    Turn to citrus when you have a cold and to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.

  • Soy Recipes and How-To Tips

    Our guide (plus delicious recipes) goes into depth about the healthful benefits of adding soy to your diet.

  • Kiwi Recipes and How-To Tips

    Kiwi is an amazing source of vitamin c and potassium. Add it to your diet and reduce your risk of heart disease.

  • Sweet Potato Recipes and How-To Tips

    Sweet potatoes have become a holiday tradition, but you can enjoy the healthy benefits of this veggie year-round.

  • The Power of Mushrooms

    Mushrooms make a tasty addition to any meal. Nutritionally speaking, they offer several healthy benefits as well.

  • Tea Benefits

    Tea is a popular drink choice, but did you know it can also reduce your risk of heart disease and certain cancers?

  • The Deeper the Color, the Better

    Eat bright-colored fruits and veggies like kale, spinach, and cherries, and receive the most vitamins and minerals.

  • Red Wine (and Purple Grape Juice)

    You can reduce your risk of heart disease and help your arteries by drinking red wine and purple grape juice.

  • 5 Superfoods for Your 20s

    Here’s a breakdown of the top five foods for people in their 20s that will help you stay fit and disease-free.

  • 7 Superfoods for Your 30s

    Make the most of your 30s with our tips and hints that will help you enjoy a healthy and energetic life.

  • 7 Superfoods for Your 40s

    Don’t succumb to poor eyesight and other health conditions in your 40s. Our super foods will lower your risk.

  • Superfoods for Your 50s

    Age gracefully in your 50s and prevent the negative affects of osteoporosis and menopause with our superfoods.

  • 6 Superfoods for Your 60s

    Stay young and healthy in mind and body with our six superfoods that will build bone density, plus much more.

  • 8 Superfoods for Your Brain

    Protein provides a powerful punch when it comes to maximizing brain power. Our meals will get you started.

  • 7 Superfoods with Calcium

    Calcium has long been associated with building strong bones and teeth. Our superfoods will give you a helping hand.

  • 6 Superfoods for Your Cold

    Keep those nasty seasonal head colds at bay by adding these six healthy superfoods to your daily diet.

  • 6 Holiday Superfoods

    Before you plan your Thanksgiving and Christmas menus, check out our superfoods and make your holidays healthy.

  • 17 Superfoods for Teens

    Rev up your teenager with our 17 superfoods to help them develop good eating habits now.

Healthy Eating Recipes


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