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Easy and Healthy Ground Beef Recipes

We love ground beef! The versatile meat is so easy to cook with -- and if you use lean ground beef, it can be healthy, too. This collection of easy ground beef recipes, including grilled burgers and chili, will please everyone at the table. Plus, each recipe is prepped in 30 minutes or less and fits your healthy eating plan.


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    • One-Pot Spaghetti

      Skip the store-bought stuff and whip up your own delicious sauce for pasta night. The best part? Cleanup will be quick and easy because the spaghetti cooks right in the pot with the sauce and veggies.

    • Moroccan Beef and Pumpkin Bake

      Instead of your go-to casserole this week, take a walk on the exotic side with this healthy Moroccan-inspired dish. Pumpkin and a handful of spices add a just-sweet flavor to the beef, which is topped with a craveworthy cornbread-like crust.

    • Cheeseburger Soup

      It's hard to resist your favorite melty cheeseburger turned into a warming soup -- especially when it's good for you! Extra lean ground beef keeps this creamy soup lower in fat and calories, while a few big handfuls of spinach boost the vitamin A content.

    • Spicy Sloppy Joes

      It's easy to make sloppy joes a little lighter. Start with lean ground beef, and add flavor and nutrients with fresh veggies. Using salsa for the sauce slims down the calories and turns up the heat.

    • Meat Loaf

      A juicy, warm meat loaf is comfort food at its finest. For a healthy meat loaf everyone will love, use fresh vegetables, a blend of sweet and savory sauces, and high-quality ground beef. We opted for a mixture of ground chuck and sirloin.

    • 3 Must-Try Tips for Cooking Ground Beef

      The first step of any ground beef recipe is cooking the meat well. It might seem simple, but with our tips, your ground beef will be even more delicious.

    • Beef and Black Bean Chili

      This all-star chili contains a smoky secret: Cocoa powder adds richness and complements spicier flavors like cumin and paprika. A wholesome base of black beans and lean ground beef makes this chili recipe a guaranteed win at the dinner table.

    • Greek Feta Burgers

      Lean ground beef and fresh vegetables will have you feeling good about indulging in a freshly cooked burger. Filled with feta cheese and smeared with a fresh cucumber sauce, these healthy burgers will be the star at your next cookout.

    • Greek Pita Pizzas

      Enjoy a pizza pie piled high with luscious tomatoes, crumbly feta cheese, and rosemary-seasoned ground beef. The Mediterranean flavors pair perfectly with hearty and time-saving pita bread crust.

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      Spaghetti Squash with Chili

      It's possible to beef up chili, and we did it. Tossing a classic, beefy chili over spaghetti squash makes this easy recipe twice as hearty and delicious.  

    • How to Make Hamburger Casserole
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      Choosing the Right Ground Beef

      If you're trying to eat healthy, the ground beef section at your grocery store can seem like a danger zone. Use our video to find the right meat for your diet.

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      Polenta with Ground Beef Ragout

      Packed with peppers, onions, carrots, and tomatoes, our version of beef ragout is bursting with garden goodness. For an added level of comfort-food flavor, we ladled the beef stew over creamy, rich polenta.

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      Adobo Black Bean Chili

      Chile peppers in adobo sauce lend their smoky bite to this Southwest-style chili recipe. Hearty beans and vegetables provide this healthy recipe with 10 grams of fiber and 28 grams of protein to ensure a power-packed dinner or lunch.

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      Beef and Cabbage Wraps

      If you're longing for the smoky flavors of a summer barbecue, try our easy one-dish wrap. Sweet corn, tangy ground beef, and crunchy coleslaw combine for a lighter take on barbecue.

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      Grilled Herb Burgers

      Mix ground beef with turkey for a leaner, delicious burger. A blend of freshly snipped herbs and garlic puts a fresh spin on this classic grilled hamburger recipe.

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      Kansas City Steak Soup

      We used ground sirloin, then blended Worcestershire and steak sauces into the broth to give this soup recipe the essence of a steak dinner. Frozen veggies add lots of nutrients and make it a snap to prepare.

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      Zucchini-Noodle Lasagna

      Say hello to layers of cheese and zucchini -- aka your new favorite dish. Our veggie-packed version of classic lasagna blends seasoned ground beef and melty mozzarella with portobello mushrooms and fennel for a truly great dinner idea.

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