30-Minute Healthy Chicken Recipes

For a healthy dinner that's easy, too, try one of our healthy chicken recipes. Ready in under 30 minutes and ringing in at under 400 calories per serving, each chicken recipe is easy and good for you. There's no need to cook separate meals for the rest of the family with these healthy recipe ideas for chicken breasts, chicken salad, chicken soup, and family-friendly chicken sandwiches that everyone will enjoy.

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Cake Batter: 6 Ways to Bake

One box of two-layer cake can be used as cupcakes, muffins, a large sheet cake, and more. Learn the six ways to transform this staple.

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NEW Recipes from Our August Magazine

It's time to take it outside. We're sharing recipes that are best served al fresco with friends. Salute summer, from drinks to dessert, with the latest recipes from Better Homes and Gardens.

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Dress Up a Dessert in 8 Seconds (or Less!)

Make any dessert recipe worthy of a party with these easy ideas to dress them up. Each dessert idea can be done within 8 seconds!

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Our Best Summer Salads

These fresh summer salad recipes are anything but ordinary. Our irresistible combinations of seasonal vegetables and fruits come together with tasty dressings and tangy vinaigrettes for summer salads everyone will love.

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Fast Shrimp Bisque in 25 Minutes!

A satisfying seafood dinner takes just 25 minutes and cooks in one dish. Best yet, you need just 8 ingredients. Bonus: We'll show you how easy it is to peel cooked shrimp.

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Irresistible Ice Cream Treats

Creamy homemade ice cream is simply the best. Summer tastes better when you have an ice cream cone in hand.

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How to Make a Healthy Sandwich

These low-calorie sandwich solutions help you enjoy your favorite lunch the healthy way, without sacrificing taste or satisfaction. We'll help you start a sandwich from scratch and give you recipes for making quick and easy sandwiches.


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    • Sandwiches are one of the most popular midday choices of on-the-go Americans. They're quick, delicious, and, if properly portioned, an option for losing weight. But if you aren't careful, a few ingredients can add hundreds of extra calories and make up more than half your daily limit of artery-clogging saturated fat.

      So before you brown-bag it, make sure you know what hidden calories are lurking between those bread slices. If you make smart choices regarding the four basic elements of a sandwich (explained next!), you'll be building healthier sandwiches in no time.

    • How to Build a Better Sandwich

      Use our four-part formula to create an endless number of healthy, fulfilling, and delicious sandwiches.

      1. Whole grains: Start with a whole grain bread product, such as bread, a pita, an English muffin, or a tortilla. Tip: Look for the words "whole grain" near the top of the ingredients list, not just "whole wheat." Good choices have at least 3 grams of fiber per serving. Some breads are fortified with extra fiber and contain as many as 12 grams of fiber per serving, helping you achieve the recommended 25-30 grams of fiber a day.

      2. Lean protein: Good sandwich choices include chicken, turkey, ham, lean roast beef, tuna, hummus, and low-fat cheese. Tip: Check the sodium in prepackaged and even deli-fresh meats; most products run high. Cut the sodium by slicing meat you have roasted at home or by asking specifically for meats lower in sodium.

      3. Vegetables: Veggies add both nutrients and flavor. Tomatoes, fresh greens (the darker, the better), red onion, and peppers are all good choices.

      4. Optional toppings: Condiments don't need to be high in fat to be high in flavor. There are low-fat, healthful choices that will give your sandwich the something extra it needs, such as:

      -- Mustard

      -- Honey mustard

      -- Barbecue sauce

      -- Chipotle sauce

      -- Light dressing

    • Healthy, Satisfying Sandwich Solution: Turkey and Avocado Wrap

      Turkey and avocado complement each other perfectly in this heart-healthy wrap.

      Whole grain: La Tortilla Factory low-carb tortilla

      Lean protein: Four slices of Boar's Head Lower Sodium Skinless Turkey Breast

      Vegetables: Romaine lettuce

      Optional topping: 2 tablespoons of Wholly Guacamole Classic Guacamole or 1/4 sliced avocado

    • Healthy, Satisfying Sandwich Solution: Roasted Red Pepper and Hummus Sandwich

      This simple vegetarian sandwich is full of fresh flavors. To mix it up, try a flavored hummus in place of original.

      Whole grain: Two toasted slices of Healthy Choice Hearty 100% Whole Grain bread

      Lean protein: 1/4 cup Athenos Original Hummus

      Vegetables: Sliced cucumber, spinach, roasted red peppers

      Tip: If you prefer, use sliced tomatoes instead of red peppers.

    • Healthy, Satisfying Sandwich Solution: Ranch Chicken Pita Pocket

      This hearth-healthy pita is full of flavors that will make you forget that it's good for you.

      Whole grain: Use 2/3 of a Kangaroo 100% Whole Wheat Pita Pocket

      Lean protein: 2-3 ounces of Hormel breast of chicken in water, no salt added

      Vegetables: Purchased coleslaw mix or broccoli slaw; fresh spinach

      Optional topping: 2 tablespoons Hidden Valley Light Ranch Dressing

      Tip: Save the remaining third of your pita bread and top it with low-calorie hummus for an afternoon snack.

    • Healthy, Satisfying Sandwich Solution: Cajun Tuna Melt

      This sandwich offers a lighter -- and more flavorful -- take on tuna salad. Enjoy it hot or cold.

      Whole grain: 1 toasted Thomas' Wheat Light English Muffin

      Lean protein: 1 small can of Crown Prince Tongol tuna in spring water, no salt added

      Vegetables: Chopped red onion; 1 large tomato slice

      Optional toppings: 1 tablespoon of Hellmann's Fat-Free Mayonnaise; 1/2 slice Kraft Deli Fresh Pepper Jack Natural Slices

    • Healthy, Satisfying Sandwich Solution: Tuna and White Bean Panini

      The following sandwiches include full recipes. Most of the recipes serve 4 to 6; alter the recipe if you'd like to make a single sandwich.

      This warm panini satisfies on a cold day. The white kidney beans help you feel full by adding lean protein to your lunch.

      Whole grain: Whole wheat bread

      Lean protein: Tuna; white kidney beans; mozzarella

      Vegetables: Red onion; Tomato

      Optional topping: Light mayonnaise

    • Healthy, Satisfying Sandwich Solution: Chicken Salad Sandwich

      Makeover a traditionally high-fat sandwich by using our recipe, featuring light mayonnaise and low-fat yogurt to add zip.

      Whole grain: Whole wheat bread

      Lean protein: Chicken breast; hard-cooked egg

      Vegetables: lettuce

      Optional topping: Plain low-fat yogurt; Light mayonnaise

    • Healthy, Satisfying Sandwich Solution: Barbecue Tempeh Wraps

      Think barbecue flavor means a meat-heavy meal? Think again. This easy wrap is vegetarian, yet includes barbecue sauce and tangy green onion for kick.

      Whole grain: Whole wheat tortilla

      Lean protein: Soy tempeh

      Vegetables: Green onion; shredded cabbage with carrot

      Optional topping: Low-calorie barbecue sauce

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      Healthy, Satisfying Sandwich Solution: Asian Tuna Wraps

      This easy wrap has a tuna salad taste on a heart-healthy diet. The prep is a 15-minute commitment.

      Whole grain: Whole wheat tortilla

      Lean protein: Tuna

      Vegetables: Bok choy; red pepper; jicama

      Optional topping: Sesame-ginger salad dressing; light mayonnaise

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      Healthy, Satisfying Sandwich Solution: Chicken Pita Sandwiches

      Enjoy a low-sodium solution to lunch. This recipe uses leftover cooked chicken in place of processed lunchmeat to give you a filling meal on a low-sodium budget.

      Whole grain: Whole wheat pita bread

      Lean protein: Chicken breast; garbanzo beans

      Vegetables: Tomato; red onion; cucumber

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      Healthy, Satisfying Sandwich Solution: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

      Four ingredients, 10 minutes, and a craving for a childhood favorite meet in this tasty classic.

      Whole grain: Whole wheat bread

      Lean protein: Low-fat cheese

      Vegetable: Tomato

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      Healthy, Satisfying Sandwich Solution: Turkey and Black Bean Chimichangas

      A little bake time and simple ingredients come together in this warm-you-up twist on a Mexican favorite.

      Whole grain: Whole wheat tortilla

      Lean protein: Ground turkey breast; black beans

      Vegetable: Tomato

      Optional topping: Salsa

      Tip: Beans are an excellent source of potassium, which helps lower blood pressure.

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      Healthy, Satisfying Sandwich Solution: Breakfast Tortilla Wrap

      For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this sandwich satisfies our formula with a savory combination of turkey bacon and egg substitute, plus whole wheat tortillas and zippy peppers.

      Whole grain: Whole wheat tortilla

      Lean protein: Turkey bacon; refrigerated egg product

      Vegetable: Green pepper

      Optional topping: Hot pepper sauce

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      Healthy, Satisfying Sandwich Solution: Fajita-Ranch Chicken Wraps

      Roll up Southwestern flavor in wraps stuffed with fresh ingredients and homemade salsa.

      Whole grain: Whole wheat tortilla

      Lean protein: Chicken breast strips; reduced-fat cheddar cheese

      Vegetables: Peppers

      Optional topping: Salsa; ranch salad dressing

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      Grab-and-Go Sandwich Option #1

      Most purchased sandwiches are high in sodium (because of the seasoned and processed deli meat). Too much sodium can raise your blood pressure and put you at higher risk for a heart attack. The following two widely available sandwiches meet Heart-Healthy Living's dietary guidelines:

      Subway's 6-inch Veggie Delight sandwich on wheat bread (no dressing or cheese)

      Calories: 230

      Sodium: 500 mg

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      Grab-and-Go Sandwich Option #2

      Quizno's Cantina Chicken Sammie (prepared with just veggies, no extras)

      Calories: 205

      Sodium: 445 mg

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