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Dig in to our expert tips and strategies for healthy cooking. The way you cook and what you eat directly affects your health, and we have lots of ideas, healthy recipes, and advice to improve your well-being. Start with the basics: ingredient swaps and substitutions. Our helpful guides on baking with less fat, cooking with less salt, and general healthy-cooking substitutions will show you how to adjust all of your most-loved recipes to make them better for you. Next, learn the healthy building blocks of weekday favorites: sandwiches and salads. If you make poor choices, these seemingly healthy options can be huge calorie bombs. Our information on how to make healthy sandwiches and salads shows you all the best choices. Need help finding breakfast recipes that will keep you full until lunchtime? We'll show you all the necessary components of a healthy breakfast to kick-start your metabolism and boost energy. And don't think for a minute that healthy eating means giving up dessert—just follow our tips to lighten desserts and enjoy a sweet finish.

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Healthy Cooking: Tips and Advice
5 Ways to Lighten Desserts

Cut fat and calories in your favorite desserts with these easy swaps.

How to Make a Healthier Sandwich

With a few changes, you can have a healthier yet still tasty sandwich.

Slim Your Slice: Make Pizza Healthy

Check out our top 10 pizza-slimming tips for a healthy dinner tonight.

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