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Enjoy our best healthy recipes and ideas for breakfast, dinner, and dessert. If you're like most people, you probably want to eat better, but you want food to taste good, too. With a little planning and irresistible recipes, the two actually can go together. Start your day with our healthy breakfast ideas -- you'll score with smoothies and lower-calorie alternatives such as muffins, which are great for breakfast on the go. Don't head for the drive-through lane when noon approaches; instead, make one of our healthy lunches to tote with you to the office. Kick your afternoon snack cravings with hundreds of snack recipes and ideas to keep you on track. The biggest excuse for not eating healthy is too little time to cook. With our superfast recipes with seven ingredients or fewer and our 25-minute dinners, there's always time for a delicious, healthful meal. If you're on a more restricted diet -- such as low-sodium, low-cholesterol, heart-healthy, or diabetic -- you'll enjoy our healthy cooking ideas and recipes tailored to your needs.

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How to Eat Right
Peach Desserts

Enjoy your favorite flavors of the season with a healthy dessert recipe starring fresh peaches.

Healthy & Fast Recipes

Time is no excuse with these quick healthy recipes for any meal of the day.

FREE Healthy Meal Plans

Make easy work of meal planning with two free weeks of healthy menus.

Dinner Tonight!
Ground Beef Recipes

Use family-friendly ground beef to create these healthy dinner recipes in 25 minutes or less.

Nutritious Budget Dinners

Check out 20 of our favorite healthy dinner recipes -- all less than $3 per serving.

Easy & Healthy Dinners

Find ideas for chicken recipes, skillet meals, and more easy recipes ready in 30 minutes.

Healthy Dessert Recipes
Dark Chocolate Desserts

Satisfy that craving for something sweet with your pick of silky dark chocolate dessert recipes. Each healthy dessert recipe has been slimmed down for your healthy diet.

Healthy Apple Desserts

Satisfy your sweet tooth -- these healthy dessert recipes have 200 calories or fewer!

More Dinner Recipes and Ideas
Slow Cooker Chicken

These healthy slow cooker recipes are full of veggies and chicken for a satisfying healthy dinner.

Healthy Soups

Fill a bowl with good-for-you veggies, grains, and lean protein for a filling dinner recipe.


If you're eliminating gluten from your diet, try these healthy and delicious gluten-free recipes.

Healthy Mexican Recipes

Try these healthier versions of Mexican recipes for dinner tonight.

Everything in Healthy Recipes
  • Healthy Breakfast Recipes

    Jump-start your day and your metabolism with one of our healthy breakfast recipes.

  • Healthy Casseroles for Fall

    These fall casseroles not only showcase the season's best ingredients, but they clock in under 400 calories, too.

  • Healthy Comfort Food Dinners

    Everyone needs a comfort food fix now and then. Indulge in slimmed-down versions of your favorite recipes.

  • Healthy Dinners for Fall

    Enjoy all the wonderful fall flavors while sticking to your healthy eating plan with these skinny fall recipes.

  • Healthy Holiday Slow Cooker Recipes

    Make holiday cooking a breeze with help from your slow cooker and these healthy recipes for the holidays.

  • Healthy Watermelon Recipes

    Serve up a slice of summer (and lots of nutrition) with healthy recipes starring in-season watermelon.

  • Eat Healthy with MyPlate

    Make following the USDA MyPlate guidelines easy by trying these healthy recipes that offer all five food groups.

  • Healthy Green Side Dishes

    Our green side dishes are great sources of nutrients, perfect for helping maintain a healthy eating plan.

  • MyPlate Breakfast Recipes

    These healthy breakfast recipes contain at least three food groups, perfect for sticking to MyPlate guidelines.

  • Healthy Cherry Recipes

    Cherries are a great source of fiber and vitamins. We've gathered our favorite healthy cherry recipes for you here.

  • Healthy Snacks

    Snack guilt-free with our healthy snack recipes, all with fewer than 200 calories per serving.

  • Diabetic Soups and Salads

    Rev up your healthy dinner menu with these main-dish diabetic soup and salad recipes.

  • Gluten-Free Recipes

    Trying a gluten-free diet? You won't miss out on any flavor with these delicious gluten-free recipes.

  • Healthy Fall Desserts

    Fall offers some of the most inviting desserts, and our yummy low-fat and low-calorie recipes will top your list.

  • 15 Healthy Desserts

    With tarts, cookies, Bundt cakes, and cobblers, our yummy low-calorie desserts will make you want a second helping.

  • Healthy Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes

    Your slow cooker can be a handy appliance for making healthy dishes like our lean yet flavorful chicken recipes.

  • Healthy Dinner Recipes Under $3

    You'll find the best of both worlds in our delicious recipes that are both healthy and inexpensive to make.

  • Skinny Cocktails

    We have your holiday parties covered with our 20 healthy and tasty cocktail recipes that are under 200 calories.

  • Healthy Dark Chocolate Recipes

    Now you can observe a healthy diet and fulfill your craving for sweets with our dark chocolate recipes and tips.

  • Easy Heart-Healthy Salads

    Fresh fruits and veggies make healthy, flavorful salads for weeknights, holidays, or any occasion that pops up.

  • Healthy Slow Cooker Appetizer Recipes

    Party on to good health with our scrumptious slow cooker appetizers that have fewer than 200 calories per serving.

  • Easy and Healthy Appetizer Recipes

    Plan your party menu around our healthy and easy appetizers like breadsticks, puffs, nachos, dips, and more.

  • Farmer's Market Recipes

    Visit the farmer's market and pick up a selection of fresh fruits and veggies to use in our seasonal recipes.

  • Heart-Healthy Chicken Dishes

    Chicken is a heart-healthy choice and dinnertime favorite in our recipes like lasagna, wraps, pizza, and more.

  • Apple Recipes and How-To Tips

    Incorporate crisp, delicious apples into your next meal with our tips and recipes that promote good heart health.

  • Healthy One-Dish Dinners

    We've compiled our favorite one-dish meals so your family can enjoy good health and delicious food for dinner.

  • Our Best Oatmeal Recipes

    Get creative with oatmeal when you add all kinds of tasty ingredients to make it a healthy morning meal or snack.

  • 28 Smart Ways to Eat Right

    Your family will be amazed with our tasty low-fat and low-calorie entrees like tilapia, lamb chops, and pork salad.

  • Five Ways to Lighten Desserts

    Keep desserts on the menu with our strategies for making them lighter and just as delicious.

  • Our Best Whole Grain Recipes

    Whole grains make a healthy addition to your diet for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even as a nutritious snack.

  • Our Best Heart-Healthy Fruit Recipes

    Try our recipes for some new fruit ideas whether you're looking for a yummy main dish, salad, dessert, or snack.

  • Fresh Winter Salads

    Good and Fresh™ magazine brings together a collection of winter salads for a healthy, satisfying side or main dish.

  • Healthy Grilling Recipes

    Grill your way to a healthy diet this summer with our recipes for chicken, veggie burgers, bass, shrimp, and more.

  • Healthy Cookies and Bars for Christmas

    Warm up during the holiday season with these healthy twists on your favorite Christmas cookies and bars.

  • Healthy Casserole Recipes

    Cozy up with one of our low-calorie casserole recipes sure to please the whole family.

  • Healthy Dessert Recipes

    Sink your teeth into these seemingly indulgent desserts with 200 calories or less. There's a sweet for everyone.

  • Healthy Recipes for Two

    When you need a dinner for two for a special occasion or weeknight meal, our healthy dinners are the perfect fit.

  • Low-Cholesterol Recipes

    Lower your cholesterol with our tips and recipes that that will boost you toward a healthy and delicious diet.

  • Diabetic Recipes

    We've pulled together our best diabetes-friendly tips and recipes for main dishes, sides, desserts, and snacks.

  • Heart-Healthy Recipes

    You'll never regret taking care of your heart, and our tips and recipes will get you started toward good health.

  • Low Fat Recipes

    There's no trick to preparing delicious low-fat meals, especially with our easy tips, how-tos, and recipes.

  • Healthy Cooking

    Follow our guidelines for cooking healthier. We have tips and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking.

  • Healthy Dinner Recipes

    No matter what you're craving tonight, we have a healthy dinner choice for every taste, season, and occasion.

  • Healthy Dessert Recipes

    Whether you're baking for the holidays, a party, or a special occasion, our healthy desserts are guilt-free.

  • Healthy Eating Tips

    We have healthy eating tips for reducing fat and calories, plus we'll show you how to make smart food choices.

  • Healthy Snack Recipes

    We'll help you stay true to your diet with our healthy snack recipes for between meals, game days, and parties.

  • Low-Sodium Recipes

    Cut the salt in your diet with our healthy recipes and tips on how to stock your pantry with low-sodium products.

  • Healthy Breakfast Recipes

    Make breakfast the most important meal of the day with our healthy recipes for casseroles, smoothies, and more.

  • Healthy Lunch Recipes

    Lighten up your midday meal. We have healthy lunch recipes and tips, whether you're eating at work or at home.


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