This mild-flavored fish lends an exquisite taste to these recipes.


Common names: Sand perch, rock cod, coney, see bass, jewfish.

Common forms: Whole fish (5 or 10 pounds in the market), skinless fillets (2 or 3 pounds), and (rarely) steaks.

General description: White, firm fillet; an all-purpose fish with pleasing, meaty texture and mild flavor.


Grouper with Summer Vegetables If you choose the green pepper option, use a red onion to brighten the vegetable mixture.


Grouper with Salsa Zesty fresh tomato-and-cucumber salsa tops this mild-flavored fish.


Grilled Grouper with Country Ham and Pepper Relish This lively fresh-vegetable relish is not only a wonderful accompaniment for this dish but for any grilled seafood entree.


Grouper with Red Pepper Sauce The smooth red pepper-tomato sauce provides an enticing counterpart to this mild, sweet-flavored fish. Serve it with grilled eggplant slices and baby carrots.


Bouillabaisse with Red Pepper Rouille Potatoes and extra vegetables are added to this classic French fish stew with red pepper sauce so the dish becomes a more satisfying one-pot meal. (You'll need to use a large Dutch oven.)


Fish with Mango-Habanero Mojo These spicy-sweet fish fillets showcase the best of Caribbean cuisine -- a spicy sweet glaze, a fresh mango sauce, and a side of spiced plantains.


Fish and Vegetable Gazpacho Chilled gazpacho, often referred to as a Spanish "soup-salad," is perfect for hot summer nights. Serve it topped with some garlic croutons or with slices of toasted garlic bread.