Take a step aside from the usual summertime grilling fare, and throw some delicious seafood on the barbecue tonight. Grilling is a flavorful way to serve all your favorites like salmon, whitefish, trout, snapper, halibut, catfish, tuna, bass, shrimp, and more. We'll help you with the process by including plenty of helpful hints from our pros, such as downloadable grilling charts, information on direct and indirect heat, step-by-step instructions for smoking salmon, and how-to tips for preparing shrimp. And before you're ready to fire up the grill, we have a recipe for every taste and occasion, such as Barbecued Salmon with Corn Relish, Tequila Shrimp Nachos, Grilled Bass with Strawberry Salsa, Grilled Teriyaki Tuna Wraps, Snapper with Sausage, Grilled Salmon with Garden Mayonnaise, Shrimp Tacos with Lime Slaw, and Old-Fashioned Salmon Salad. So forget the burgers and hot dogs, and dazzle your dinner guests with a seafood extravaganza hot off the backyard grill.

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Grill Salmon on a Cedar Plank

Use a cedar plank to infuse your salmon with smoky flavor. You'll love this easy technique for grilling your favorite fish.

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