Marinades and Rubs

Flavor your grilled meats and vegetables with our top marinade and rub recipes. Marinades and rubs can turn tough cuts of meat juicy and tender, dress up even the most boring vegetables, and add pizzazz to a basic meal. There's no reason to rely on store-bought rubs and marinades anymore, once you have our guide to making and using homemade versions. Start with our instructions on making rubs; you'll learn how to mix dry and wet versions to create bursting-with-flavor meats and vegetables. We've also got unexpected ways to flavor your barbecue favorites, such as chicken, pork, or beef, with ideas from grilling pros. Marinades work differently based on how long you allow cuts of meats and types of fish to absorb their flavor; we'll help you learn how to put your marinades to their best use. Rubs are often reserved for special occasions, but there's no reason your favorite recipes can't make their way into everyday cooking; we show you how.

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Making Rubs

Learn how to mix dry and wet rubs, and store them for flavorful meats and veggies.

Using Marinades

Get marinade recipes and learn how long to marinate various cuts of meat and types of fish.

Easy Rub Recipes

Rubs are a simple way to enhance flavor and give food a lovely, crunchy crust.

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Marinades & Rubs


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