Easy Tips and Techniques for Perfect Grilling

From the basics, such as how to light charcoal, to tricks for grilling everything from burgers to fish, our how-to videos teach you how to become a grilling expert.

How to Light Charcoal

Grilling tools

From old-school ideas to eco-friendly alternatives, we give you a range of options for firing up charcoal. Check out paraffin blocks, an electric starter, and an economical chimney.


How to Grill the Perfect Burger

West Coast Burger with Roasted Pepper Spread

Get this summer favorite right every time. From picking the meat to cooking it to perfection, learn how to become a burger-making pro.


Controlling Grill Heat

Controlling heat

With our insider tips, heating things up (and cooling them down) on your charcoal grill is almost as easy as turning a knob on a gas grill.


How to Grill Fish

Lemon Grilled Salmon with Corn Salad

Follow our easy techniques and tips for perfectly cooked fish that doesn't stick to the grill.


Grilling Tools 101

Grilling tools

Learn how to become a better griller just by using a few inexpensive grilling tools and easy-to-follow techniques.


How to Grill Vegetables

Margarita Grilled Corn

Grilled veggies make a great side dish. Learn how to grill your favorites to perfection every time.


Indirect Grilling 101

Indirect grilling

Go beyond the basics and turn your grill into an outdoor oven. With our tips and tricks for indirect grilling, you'll learn how to make briskets, roasts, whole chickens, and more.


How to Grill Shrimp

Grilling shrimp

Looking for a griller everyone loves? Learn the secret to perfectly grilled shrimp. Skewered or sauteed, it's fast, flavorful, and easy.


How to Grill Fruit

Grilled Mango Blossom

Need a fresh idea -- fast? Grill pineapple, peaches, apples, or bananas for an irresistible side dish or dessert.


Smoking Food on a Grill


An easy way to give your food lots of flavor? Smoke it! Here's how -- without the expensive equipment.