Lighting Charcoal

Charcoal grills are easy to start if you know the tricks of the trade.

Never use gasoline or kerosene
to start your coals.

  • To light coals, arrange them in a mound in the center of the fire box. Add lighter fluid according to the manufacturer's directions. Let stand about 1 minute and then ignite with a match. Never add more lighter fluid after the fire has started.

You can also use an electric
starter to light coals.

  • To light coals with an electric starter, place the starter in the coals and heat for the manufacturer's suggested time. Unplug the starter and remove it from the coals. Place the starter on a heat-proof surface away from children and pets to avoid accidental burns.

  • Once the coals are lit, allow them to heat for 20 to 30 minutes or until they turn ash gray in daylight or glowing red at night.

  • Easy-lighting briquettes can be a real time-saver. They are pretreated with a lighting solution for a quick start and need to burn only 10 minutes before they are ready for grilling.